Five reasons starting a small business was the best thing we ever did

Five reasons starting a small business was the best thing we ever did

2019 is the year Good Day Club turned 5! Wild, right?

We’re proud of how hard we worked to get here, and we’ve never looked back. If you’ve ever thought, “Hey, I could totally start a business,” we bet you’re right! Here are five reasons why we love doing what we do, and why you should go for gold.

1. Bringing something new and awesome into the world

Creating something where there was nothing before is a damn good feeling.

In 2013, we got married. We wanted to rent some vintage furniture out to style the wedding, but we couldn’t. Nobody was hiring it out! That’s when the idea popped into our brains. And it stuck around, demanding to be brought into existence.

We wanted this thing to exist, but it didn’t yet. So we made it real. We built it! That’s still seriously amazing to think about.

Earlier this year, we were interviewed about our journey for a careers and education blog, and since then Good Day Rentals has grown into Good Day Club. So you never really stop coming up with new ideas and building new things.

2. Saying bye-bye to that #corporatelyfe

When you know that the 9-5 isn’t your thing, it can feel like you’re biding your time until you start your real career. Making the big jump to #smallbizlyfe was a huge, scary step, but it was also freeing. 

Going from working to someone else’s schedule, having a regular routine and predictability, to running everything yourself and setting the terms is so different. There are times when it’s hectic and you work much more than you ever would have at your office job. But you can also strategically set your own days off and holidays. Requesting annual leave? No thanks!

Also, when you work really hard for something you’re passionate about, it feels so much more important and rewarding. 

3. Upwards and onwards!

Running a small business has taught us so much. You never feel stuck because you’re always learning, upskilling, and adding to your skillset. You need to be really adaptable because you wear all the hats. 

Who does the accounting, marketing, business development, website, social media, looks after the inventory? Oh, you do! 

There’s much more to it than just the core idea – you also need to brush up on your business skills. You become quite the multi-talented individual and sometimes even surprise yourself.

Sometimes your ideas don’t work, and that’s okay – you just have to try a new approach. You learn to innovate and change on the go, so your days are never the same.

 4. Sharing all the good feels 

One of the most excellent things about a business like ours is that it’s so social. We get to work with people in one of the most exciting and happy times in their lives, and that joy is totally infectious. 

And small business owners are rad people who love meeting other biz owners! Over time we’ve found our way into a community, with lots of networking events and little dinners. We share our challenges and our wins. We chat about ideas. Collaborating with other creatives is the bomb, and we have heaps of fun together.

5. Watching your baby grow

We’ve come a long way, baby! To think that Good Day Club has evolved from a humble furniture hire biz called Good Day Rentals to a veritable multi-faceted disco ball of offerings makes us feel all fuzzy inside. Reaching milestones like getting a warehouse, adding styling services, and expanding into neon signs, stationary and graphic design, makes you step back and realise that this thing has its own momentum. With your previous successes under your belt, you realise that, with a bit of elbow grease, so much more is possible. 

Go forth and spread the good stuff!

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