2019 Round up! Part 1

Co-founders + married-to-one-anothers, Kate and Dave at The Estate Trentham, photographed by Smith + Archer

2019 RECAP!

What a year it was!

Hello + Good Day. Thanks for being part of our adventure this year. You can thank me (Kate, co-founder, creative director + person) later for not saying journey.

To pull out a few cliches while I warm up my writing brain and my typing fingeys, my hasn’t the year’s flown by, so much has happened, what a massive year! But to defend these cliches, they’re all true AF. We turned five, we rebranded, we did more and bigger weddings than ever, we grew our team and we kicked arse. There was also some pretty challenging stuff; working with your husbo is not the easiest thing in the world, working out how to manage a growing small biz is pretty hard, worrying about what will happen to the earth has been a huge challenge, and I spent two months – two very summery months – in a moon boot in peak wedding season. Life is basically just collecting anecdotes and trying not to end up in jail, and thus on that measure, we did good.


You’re the reason why we can do all these rad things!

Each year, we get more and more confused and bowled over as to why this idea of ours seems to be working so well. Not only do we get paid to do the raddest things, but our customers – YOU! – are the bestest people whom we miss once their events are done. There’s over 500 million awful customer memes* on the internet, and we truly cannot relate (except for the odd dirtbag now and then) which we are most grateful for. Pats on the back for all of you!

Thanks for giving a shit about the things we do – vintage + retro furniture hire, event design + styling, graphic design, neon hire, workshops, headshot days and even merch!

It’s the end of a decade, thus cue additional nostalgia. Ten years ago my life was SO FUCKING DIFFERENT. I was living in Vancouver, Canada, getting divorced, and working in the worst job I’ve ever had – as a Communications Manager on a government road project. I had two bosses who bullied me. One of them drank on the job. Like literally in her office. From a Starbucks cup. She got busted but not fired. When she didn’t like something she would shout at the top of her lungs, “WELL F*CK ME UP MY ASS,” and talk at length about making out with her dogs.

This is not meant to be a blog about drunk bully bosses after all, nor the correct place to process past work traumas, but it’s pretty ace to look back and think LORDY MY LIFE NOW SHITS ON MY LIFE THEN. And thus, imagine what’s to come? It’s pretty exciting but also, I hope I don’t end up having a husbo per decade, as has been the case for the past two.

*this is made up, but could be true right?!?

Now onto the year’s highlights month by month…



These are the things that happened at Good Day Club to start out the final year of the decade. Jan is usually not silly busy so we took a wee mini break and got ourselves refreshed for the remainder of the wedding season.

Lily + Tom’s wedding

Space 338, North Melbourne
Photographer: Amanda Santamaria

Melbourne warehouse wedding with amazing tropical inspired florals, neon signs and lots of our glorious vintage cane and velvet furniture. Lily + Tom certainly started their 2019 off well. 

Tessa + Nik’s wedding

The Line, Footscray
Photographer: Dan O’Day

Tessa + Nik’s warehouse wedding was a pink hued floral explosion with celestial vibes aplenty. Completing a floorplan for this gorgeous couple, we helped them work out what to do with their blank canvas venue, which can be VERY overwhelming. Loved Tessa’s outfit – the unexpected black velvet headband and choker looked fabulous! Mind blowing florals from Nat at Wild Flos (who we’re super pumped to be working with again in 2020) and hangings from none other than Bangin Hangins

Hayley + Phil’s wedding

Metropolis Events
Photographer: Miranda Stokkel Weddings

How dramatique does our giant LOVE neon sign look as the feature in front the DJ booth for Hayley + Phil’s chic and fabulous wedding? Congratulations to these two delightful humans!

The Altar Electric grand launch wedding shoot

The Altar Electric wedding chapel, Schoolhouse Studios, Collingwood
Photographer: Briars Atlas

Featured on Nouba 

After spending the start of January feverishly completing The Altar Electric’s glam Vegas chapel fitout, we were thrilled and pretty fucking nervous to be asked to be a stunt couple in The Altar’s launch shoot. Alongside a bunch of other industry stunt couples (Free The Bird, Benny Roff Celebrant) and rad collaborators, Dave and I got ‘married’ for a second time in a 70s vibes OTT blow out that ended in a cake fight, using a disco ball cake made by Torte by Mirjana, because 70s. 

It was an amazingly epic day because it was also Stevie’s 25th birthday. Mirjana also kindly made her a delicious vegan birthday cake (after a frantic last minute request from moi!) and in Stevie’s own words, it was the best day ever! Not only did she turn 25 in style, she smashed the styling and shoot production while I sat around drinking beers and getting ‘married’. 

Read more about the chapel:

Kate’s a podcast guest on Mondo Neon 

Listen via Mondo Neon

I chatted to the world’s only neon podcast in December, and the episode came out in February. I sound like a bit of a moron, because I was trying not to swear (it’s an American podcast and I didn’t want to end up on a black list, ya know? Even saying black list will probz get me a black list #rebel!). We talked about the surge of LED neon signs – something that’s been a disruptive force in the glass blowing neon industry – and how we’re using them in event design to create memorable, personal and super fun events and weddings. It was a really interesting experience spending time thinking and talking about one aspect of your business and how it relates to a really established industry. 

How you will look after your husbo makes you listen to the podcast for 20 mins. 



Lorren + Dean’s wedding

King Parrot Cottages, Pennyroyal
Photographer: Eric Ronald

With one of our favourite floz qweens as well as our long-term warehouse mates Good Grace and Humour creating an earthy, relaxed vibes for Lorren + Dean’s Otways wedding, we were thrilled to jump on board to furnish the lovely property. We get a lot of excellent clients, but it’s even more lovely when you deliver to a venue and meet their friends and family and they are all delightful as well! 

Love Exhibition

Immigration Museum, Melbourne

Being invited to furnish the Immigration Museum’s large scale Love Exhibition was pretty spesh. T’was our first even procurement job, where we curated and acquired a small range of items specially for the exhibition. The items featured in cute little nooks around the exhibition, alongside romantic paper flowers from Amanda May Lee and custom neons from the masters at Electric Confetti. Thousand of people attended and thus, we can report that thousands of butts adorned our vintage items. The exhibition went until May, when the love themed items joined our regular hire collection

The Altar Electric Launch

The Altar Electric, Collingwood
Photographer: Miranda Stokkel Weddings

T’was finally time to launch The Altar Electric’s new permanent home – a Vegas style chapel for little weddings that rock. We spent over six months designing and installing it for them at the end of 2018. With loads of industry friends, previous couples and supportive types, the party was a cracker, with an Elvis impersonator and the real life wedding of Billy + Lu. 

It was wonderful to see it all come to life for the Altar team who’d worked so hard to get it to that point, taking it from a rad idea to a bricks and mortar venue! Personally, it was amazing to see the chapel in use after so much work!

Partnering with St.Kilda Festival for the second year

After not stuffing anything up in 2018, the City of Port Phillip invited us back for a second year to be a St. Kilda Festival sponsorship partner.

The brief was to create a rad main stage VIP lounge, in line with the overall vibe of Australia’s biggest free music festival. We created a plant-filled mid-century modern x disco space, ready for all the VIPs. Unfortunately, I do not have any stories of any rock stars sitting in the VIP lounge, “Because it’s heaps better than the green room”, but I wanted to say hi to Dan Sultan anyway and say you’re welcome in my lounge anytime. Which is both not a euphemism and also def a euphemism.

We’re back again in 2020 OMG THAT’S THIS YEAR, and the plans are to create something totally amazing and bigger than the previous two years. Any ideas? Because we literally have not decided what that big thing is JUST yet, but you just wait. 

And we got to be VIPs as well – taking Remy to see Regurgitator’s kids set. It was excellent. They sang “I sucked a lot of lollipops to get where I am.” OMG I laughed for 100 years. 

Supporting charity Amazing Greys at St. Kilda Fest

One of our values is to be a business for good. We’re decent humans and we think it’s a responsibility of all businesses to do what they can to support the communities we operate in. One of our partnerships in 2019 was in support of Amazing Greys, who rehome ex racing greyhounds. They’re a lovely, kind and passionate bunch of humans and doggos, and assisting them with a St Kilda Festival set-up to help them attract interest and possible future doggo adopters or Amazing Greyers (!?!) was quite the delightful activity. 

Dave, Remy and I attended the festival and saw the team in action – the area was pumping and the bright, fun and also dog-wee-proof vintage furniture we chose helped attract a huge crowd.

Kate’s birthday party x breaking her toe

On a splendid February day, I held a birthday picnic at Footscray Park. There were homemade sausage rolls, fairy bread, beers and sunshine. Our picninc literally made the other picnicers slink about in abject shame, with their Kmart camping chairs and regular-ass picnic rugs.

However, picnics are not a competition, and the lord punisheth me, make no mistake about that. As I was packing up while not wearing my glitter sandals, I stubbed my toe in a very standard fashion in the Esky. Except for that it hurt so much and swelled up to 40 times the size of a regular toe and most of the top of my foot went black with bruising. Dave took extreme delight in telling everyone, LIKE ALL THE PEOPLE, that I broke it when I kicked an Esky, making me sound like a drunk with an anger problem. Let me repeat, it was a regular toe stubbing event, not an anger fuelled kicking spree.

Anywho, I had to moonboot for EIGHT FRIGGIN WEEKS IN PEAK SUMMER. For the busiest months of our business ever. Please enjoy MoonBoot Kate. It was super fucking annoying but also, without it I couldn’t walk, thus I wouldn’t have been able to work. The moral of this story is always wear your sandals when you’re packing up your smug birthday picnic or you’ll be made to look like a violent alcoholic who has a vendetta against Eskys.   

From smug picnic…

…to Moonboot chic and aspersions on my good character

“Happy birthday to Kate, you’re bones are all in tact, but they won’t be for long, hip hip hooray!”

Truck Camping

Our faithful truck, God, has been part of the Good Day famalam for over three years now, and even though it’s the perfect vessel to camp in, we didn’t actually do this until Feb!

Dave and I set-up the wedding of Lorren + Dean at King Parrot Cottages in the Otways (see more of it above), and then we buggered off to Wye River and set up ‘camp’ in literally 3.7 minutes. Fuck to the yes!

Swinging the doors open in the morning to overlook the river and listen to nature’s flappiest friends, we lived it up in the back of God for a couple of days before heading back to collect up the furniture. Filling the truck up as it was intended was a bit of a downer – not just because it was 165 degrees, windy and dusty AF – but we intend to sleep in God many, many times. Thank you God for all that you do for us and for the good people who hire us. A Queen among trucks, a Wizard among vehicles, a something else among some other thing because three examples sound better. This accidental love letter to God is now over. Good Day!



Matt + Kim’s wedding

Private Property, Mount Eliza
Photographer: Holly Englehart

We started March with Kim + Matt’s wedding at Kim’s amazingly beautiful family home on the beach in Mt Eliza. It was a string of approx 38-40 degrees and the bump-in was a two day affair, because it was and is our biggest, most complicated wedding to date. More below!

More from their day on Holly’s blog

Stephen + Peter’s wedding

The Line, Footscray
Photographer: Niki Photography

Stevie worked with Stephen and Peter on their super fun warehouse wedding at one of our fave venues, The Line. From all reports, it was a super fun night filled wih dancing and love.  Excellent florals created by Samamore Creative.

Kali + Darren’s wedding

Howqua Valley Views, Howqua
Photographer: Neil Bertucci

Starting the month in 40 degree heat, we ended it with a nine degree day with forecasted sleet and snow in Victoria’s high country. Much LOL, many layers! Cutest couple Kali + Darren asked for our help to un-rustic their venue, an open faced barn and we had a ball doing so. More below!

Featured on WedShed

International Women’s Day charity event raises $4k

Small Talk Event Space
Photographer: Steph Wallis Photography

Featured on Hooray!

We were very proud to co-host our first charity event on International Women’s Day. In conjunction with Flos Botanical Studio, Small Talk Event Space and Curated Events, we hosted 59 excellent women and one bloke. Vivien from Flos taught the group how to create a table arrangment and the guests were treated to a delightful grazing table, bubbles, fabulous styling + furniture, cake and a photo booth.

Thank you to the wonderful people who came along to support the event – we were able to donate $4k to WIRE – Women’s Information and Referral service. 

 And of course the rad suppliers who donated their time, product or services to make the event happen:

Photography: Steph Wallis Photography | Event Styling, Decorations, Hire Items, Graphic Design + Event Signage: Good Day Club | Cailing installation: Bangin Hangins | Floral Styling: Flos Botanical Studio | Venue: Small Talk Event Space| Catering + Events: Curated Events | Cake: Torte by Mirjana | Photobooth: Shutter Hub Photo Booth | Flowers: Soho Rose FarmThe Rook BloomsPennyweight Farm + Fleurs de Lyonville | Cheese: Harper and Blohm

We’ll be doing it again this year – so look out for your invite (you’re all invited of course!)

More from Kim + Matt’s retro 70s disco wedding

Private residence, Mt Eliza
Photographer: Holly Englehardt

Kim + Matt wanted a pretty epic wedding to match the epic-ness of Kim’s parents dream home overlooking Sunnyside beach in Mt Eliza. In fact, the couple never even considered other venues for their wedding. When I went to visit, I could see why. We had a lot of fun with this design, using three locations on the property to create that epicness and to enjoy as much of the beautiful gardens and views as humanly possible! Here’s some more photos of these two legends and their rad day. Also featuring tipis from Peninsula Tipi, flowers from Little Lady Blooms, design, styling, furniture, neons and graphic design by us here at Good Day Club. 

Kim’s reaction to seeing her wedding styling! Tears came from my eye holes and I am not embarrassed

Em Rusciano’s 80s Dynasty birthday bash

Private residence, Melbourne

Featured on Daily Mail

Famous lady Em Rusciano asked us to transform her home into an 80s Dynasty x vintage Italian corture party for her 40th. And jazz up her deck we did! We blogged about it here

More from Kali + Darren’s high country glam wedding

Howqua Valley Views, Howqua
Photographer: Neil Bertucci

Featured on WedShed

Kali + Darren met while both working at the snow. They are outdoorsy and sporty as heck so Victoria’s High Country was an easy choice for their wedding. They chose an open faced barn, and asked us to glam it up and dial down the rustic. Yes, yes we can we replied because we’re HUGELY of the opinion that you need to contrast and complement with your event design in venues that have a very strong and dominant style.

What am I on about? Well, adding more rustic stuff to an already rustic venue like this means that it all kind of blends in, rather than drawing out the venue’s character and beauty. Often, people want to add loads of industrial decor and furniture to warehouse venues that are literally industrial from rafter to floor – again creating a kind of loss of impact and an overdoing of one vibe. We love to introduce softer, warmer textures and colours to bring some cosiness and intimacy in such spaces – leaving the industrial bones to shine.

That was a long answer to a question you did not ask – but mainly to give you a wee hint into how we come up with the right designs for our clients. Here’s a few more rad shots of this gorgeous wedding, enjoy!




A huge month, truly massive! Our very own wonderful employee Stevie-Rae married her sweetheart Sammy and it was the greatest wedding ever. EVER! 


Stevie-Rae + Sammy’s wedding

The Estate Trentham, Trentham
Photographer: Kristina Wild

Before Stevie was a Good Day Club employee she was a Good Day customer. I met her and Sammy one Saturday morning to talk about their rad wedding, which was two years in the future. Apparently on the way home, Stevie asked Sam how she could get a job with us becauce she thought we were rad, so there’s still lots of jokes about how she manifested her job. They had such a strong sense of style and a really awesome design direction when Stevie came to work for us. And then we developed it together and also said no to zero ideas and basically went to town, town, town! As guests, we were also blown away by the whole thing, from the moving ceremony, to the details even we did not know about. 

I was not the slightest bit surprised when coolest wedding mag + blog in the world – Rock ‘n Roll Bride – wanted to publish their wedding in their print edition and later on the blog. Stevie is a bona fide rock ‘n roll bride and Sammy is pretty great too!

Published in Rock n Roll Bride, Issue 28

Mel + Chris’ wedding

The Line, Footscray
Photographer: Ben Potter

Goddamn we get the cutest couples! Mel + Chris’s super rad wedding was a colourful party to celebrate their love, and we were pumped to help them make it happen alongside some of faves from across the industry;

Event stylist and planner, @tokoevents
Hangings, @banginhangins
Furniture hire, @gooddayclub_au and @peppersprouthire
Cake, @missladybirdcakes
Photobooth, @heartbreakbooth
Awesome tunes, @djrelaxative
MUA, @dana_makeupartist
Hair, @thedistinctivedame

Angi + James’ wedding

Thornbury Bowls Club, Thornbury
Photographer: Em Jensen Creative

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See it published on Polka Dot Bride


April Fools!

Our first time doing an April Fools gag was most fun! We def “got” lots of people and we certainly thought we were funny in the process. 

Fashion shoot for Taking Shape + Anthea Crawford

I always want to say ‘la di dah’ when we get asked to furnish fashion shoots. It just feels so fancy! The very lovely people from Taking Shape used some of our range in April and in November, and Anthea Crawford asked for our vintage help in July. 

More on Stevie-Rae + Sammy’s Wedding

Stevie + Sammy from Lunar Red on Vimeo.

The Estate Trentham, Trentham
Photographer: Kristina Wild

It was simply delightful to help Stevie + Sammy create their actual dream day. Doing it alongside so many terrific wedding vendor friends made it even more special. The team who made it happen:

Photography: Kristina Wild | Videography: Lunar Red Films | Event + graphic design: Stevie-Rae Winter | Styling, vintage furniture hire, neon hire: Good Day Club | Catering: Fat + Skinny Catering | Caravan Bar: Lady Francesca | Flowers: Good Grace and Humour | Stevie’s headpiece: Calamity Tash | Celebrant: Marry Me Dee | Cakes: Torte By Mirjana.


Our first ever garage sale!

One must sometimes face the truth that one has too much vintage furniture. One does not like to hear such things and is outraged when one’s kind husbo suggests same. One intellectually understands the overflowing warehouse can hold no more, that some things – stuff that doesn’t get hired much, or has seen better days – needs to be moved on. But one requires approx five months to adjust to the idea, but when one does, it’s full steam ahead for a garage sale. And because we are party people, we turned it into a garage sale party!  Complete with a cake stall from Torte By Mirjana, and a bar and lounge area! The place was pumping and lots of people got to take custody of rad vintage furntiure and eat delish cakes. 

Magic Cocktail Bus wedding released

La Serre, Langwarrin
Photographer: Gold and Grit

Featured on Hooray! Mag

After plugging away for many moons to create our Magica Cocktail Bus wedding shoot, it was released to the lovely public, being featured by colour loving blog Hooray! Mag. Set on a truly unique property filled with giant succulents and cacti and featuring a 1960s Bedford bus converted into a swish cocktail lounge. You can hardly tell from the photos that it was one billion degrees the day this was shot, but it was all worth it to see so much colour, fun and joy in one wee place.

The team who created it:

Photography: Gold and Grit| Videographer: BTW ILY| Event Styling + Planning + Hire + Decorations + Stationery: Good Day Rentals| Location: La Serre| Floral Styling: Good, Grace and Humour| Catering + Drinks: Finesse Catering Group + Miss Angie Bus| Entertainment: Fidel and Sarah| Wedding Gown: Moonstruck BridalRachel Burke Tinsel Jacket| Suits: ASOS| Engagement Ring + Wedding Bands: Midnight Kiss| Event Bookings: Event and Flavour| Tableware: Betty May Vintage Hire| Hair + Makeup: Made You Blush| Streamer Install: Bangin Hangins| Balloons: The Confetti Room| Cake + Desserts: Torte By Mirjana

Also, if you do not watch the delightful film by BTW ILY films, you are dead inside and you should get off my blog:



May was massive – about 8 month’s work culminated in us rebranding and changing our name, introducing new products and services, along with our usual busy event schedule. We also held our first colourful headshot day. It was a very tiring month, but it was rad and exciting and nerve wracking. We ate a lot of UberEats while computing all through the day and night.  

Mother’s Day at Feather + Noise

Fellow westie brand, Feather + Noise welcomed mums and their kiddies all week with a sweet lounge set-up by your mates here, as well as offering scones and coffee to visitors for the whole week. Being a mum is often quite tricky and confusing and def tiring, so anyone who wants to scones me is most certainly my type of human / business. 

Dog Lovers’ Show

For the second year, we furnished the Dog Lovers’ Show stage area for their Insta Pooch competition. Instead of the usual human bottoms, our furniture got a nice cuddle from a bunch of very cute doggos. All of whom did not wee on our vintage couches +  lounge chairs. Thank you to those respectful dogs. 

Melbourne International Jazz Fest

Jazz lover’s behinds were treated to our classic and lux furnishings during Melb Jazz Festival’s lunchtime performances, across a whole week in the city. We are known jazz haters here at Good Day, but that’s OK, it’s not like we were furnishing an event for climate change deniers or the alt-right or the watermelon guild of Australia which is probably not a thing but watermelon is evil. Good day. 


Styling for Good Grace & Humour

Helping our pals + warehouse buddies Good Grace & Humour to conjer up a rad expo space for One Fine Day was many funs and lots of enjoyments. We LOVE the challenge of getting a brand or product across using small spaces. We really do!

Good Day Rentals becomes Good Day Club!

? We say it best, when we make silly videoooooooos that explain it allllllllll ?

Video by: On Jackson Street

After almost five years, it not longer made sense to be called Good Day Rentals because we do so much more than that now. Combining a name change with all new branding, plus some new products and services, oh and a new website, we launched it all in early May. There was tears and heart palpitations and the inevitable ‘what if everyone hates it all?’ moments, but overall it was a great experience and we are super pumped with the outcome!

Thank you to the raddest branding designer in the lands By Jena Marie who is not only super talented, but extra special lovely and a wee ray of sunshine. Stevie did an amazing job too, implementing the new branding across our business.   

Read more about it on our blog

We said good bye to Good Day Rentals…

Read more about it on our blog


…and good day to Good Day Club!

Logo: By Jena Marie


New products – graphic design packs

 Ready made + customisable packs to fit more budgets. 


New service – quirky workshops!

Our 2020 workshop calendar is coming out soon! Have a wee look. 

Now you can BUY rad furniture too!

Ready made and custom stuff by our fabricating arm, Very Good Products.

Earrings – get your Good Day merch!

As part of our new Good Day Club, we designed and handmade earrings, so you can have a bit of Good Day style for your lobes. 

Good Day! Earrings


Rainbow! Earrings


Memphis! Earrings


Chair-Ching! Earrings
(Spearmint + Silver)

Chair-Ching! Earrings
(Hot Pink + Silver)

T-Shirts – limited edition, screen printed in Melbourne

Photographer: Gold and Grit

How cute are we three (L-R, Stevie, Kate, Dave) in our Good Day t-shirts? Very cute is the answer. You can be as cute as us – but be somewhat quick as there is limited numbers left. 


Our truck – God – gets an upgrade

From drab to fab! We jazzed up God and boy o does it get a lotta looks while out on the road. Many, many friends have told us how great our truck looks now, with a few who’ve noted that being a sentence they never imagined saying. 

Before. Plain ol’ white God

After! Check out the pattern on the insides of the doors

God in the wild. We love you God.

Cuteness overload! Dave made Remy his own Good Day Club truck for his birthday!

Introducing colourful, fun headshot days!

Seeing a wee gap in the heashot market, we teamed up with First Class Business Proximity Associates Gold and Grit Photography to create extra AF, super fun and colourful filled headshot days. With a super fun, inviting envirnoment and and top notch styling and a theme for each, we started out with Confetti Disco and you can see how much fun it was.

We pumped each person’s tunes of choice, refilled their Prosecco glass a few times and had a fluffer on hand (mainly me doing silly dances so they didn’t feel like the dorky one) to ensure the best experience for each rad person!

Left to right: Julz Mayberry – she was on hand to do makeup and of course we made her jump in the bath for a few shots; Bec + Kara from The Social Conxn who came armed with props and costume changes; and Tash from The Colour Tribe who also came with props and a couple of outfits and had a rad time!

Romantic + dramatic Romeo + Juliet wedding shoot

The Woolmill by Nudo, Brunswick
Photographers: Miranda Stokel + Jackson Grant

Featured in Unholy Matrimony, issue 2

A team of dream humans got together to create a dark, moody and romantic wedding shooting Romeo + Juliet vibes from it’s eyeballs and it’s earholes. The light filled restored warehouse created quite the contrast, and we promise no brides or grooms were killed in the making of this.



Ah June. The end of the wedding season is upon you and it’s time to have a wee break. Which we did, but we also did 100 million other things because who wants spare time anyways? In amongst all this, we painted the entire inside of our house in three weeks, getting ready for interiors juggernaut Apartment Therapy to shoot our home. T’was an exciting month indeed!


Our first workshop – Jazz Up Your Jacket

A sold out first workshop really made us smile. And the actual afternoon was a craft lovers dreamscape! We jazzed, we chatted, we had a wee drink of Prosecco. Stevie nailed the teacher role and we’re pumped to release our 2020 workshop calendar so very soon.

Miranda + Shaylan’s wedding

The Line, Footscray
Photographer: It’s Beautiful Here | Stylist: Ruffles and Bells

How delightful is this disco ball flower combo? Our pals over at Ruffles and Bells hired some stuff to help them create a fun, unique wedding. 

Compare the Meerkat.com TV ad

Who the heck doesn’t like the Compare the Market / Meerkat ads? No one, that’s who. SIMPLES! The lovely production team hired vintage furntiure and props from us a second time, to create an opulent, ye olde world manor vibe for their cute ad, which you can watch right here. How many of our items can you spot? 

Disney 30th Birthday party

Ellis Street Studio, South Yarra
Photo: via Creating Beautiful
Stylist: Creating Beautiful

Celebrity stylists Creating Beautiful conjured this dreamscape Disney 30th for their client, using a range of items from our glorious vintage furniture hire and neon sign range. It’s really quite splendid, no? We helped this super crew out again in December for a 21st and we’re excited to see what rad things they did with them!

Holiday time at Dark Mofo

Tasmania, Australia

Dave and I ran off to Tassie for Dark Mofo. It was an excellent way to end the wedding season, and as per usual, we slept for one entire day when we arrived because small biz lyf is quite exhausting, and also Remy went to stay with my parents. Twas the most fun, and aesthetically, a feast for the eyeballs everywhere you go. More Dark Mofo vibe briefs ploise. And thank you. 

Making things easier for you – Wishlists

A magical programmer type did a thing to our website which means people can now add items to a wishlist, swap and change pieces until you’re happy with how it looks and then send it through to us – a MUCH quicker and easier way for you to get a quote! You shall go build your own if you so choose and you can do it here

Carolyn + Matthew’s warehouse wedding 

FortyFive Downstairs, City
Photographer: Gold and Grit

Featured on Hooray! Mag

You remember this one? Bride in a jumpsuit with cape, groom in tartan pants, bestest warehouse venue, mid-century modern vibes, neons and splashes of pink lighting? Carolyn + Matthew’s wedding was such a joy and still one of our faves, so we were over the moon to see it featured on Hooray! Mag. 

Featured in Frankie! 

Kate’s guide to shopping for second hand furniture

Turquiose + mustard balloon filled wedding editorial

Mawarra Functions, Wollert
Photographer: White Rabbit Productions

One of our very first interns Lydia (now the co-owner of balloon biz The Confetti Room) is responsible for this delighful wedding editorial. We’re SO VERY proud and whatnot of our wee Lydia – doing such a standout job of the design, bringing the right combination of vendors together and pulling it off with excellence! And it shall be featured in Polka Dot Bride in the coming months. 

Apartment Therapy features our home!

Photographer: Natalie Jeffcott for Apartment Therapy

Featured on Apartment Therapy

I found out Apartment Therapy were interested in photographing and featuring our home when I found an error in the back end of our webby. As such, a whole bunch of emails never made it to the inbox ??? including the request to feature our home. MY LORD it was a tense few minutes as I phoned people to say sorry about how I did not reply to you for a month. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Anywho, Natalie was still interested and we locked it in. Then we painted the house and did a bunch of stuff we’d been planning to do for the last year in three literal weeks. 

I loved it so much, listening to podcasts, painting and pottering late into the night while maybe also drinking quite a bit of beer. Natalie was a dream human and made us feel like not idiot dorks in front of the camera. We loved the photos so much and we were very honoured to be featured. Our home has been regrammed all over the world since then, which is weird AF. 

Featured on Apartment Therapy

Fat + Skinny EOFY party x Good Fat Betty shoot

Small Talk Event Space, Abbotsford
Photographer: It’s Beautiful Here

Our very good pals Fat + Skinny Catering were kind enough to throw an end of financial year dinner party for wedding industry + other business pals, and we were on furniture and styling duty. Stevie took the lead on this one while I holidayed – and it was combined with a shoot for our soon to be launched wedding Super Group – Good Fat Betty – where you can get a package deal to have a rad wedding that does not send you round the twist. 

The party was a delight. How very wonderful to be involved and close pals with these people. It blows my frigging mind OK. 

Cool your jets for a day or two, then part 2 (July – Dec) shall be ready!

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