2019 Round up! Part 2

Co-founders + married-to-one-anothers, Kate and Dave at Good Day Club headquarters, photographed by Shannon Morris for Training.com.au

First half recap!

You might like to read about the first half of 2019 – where things like celebrity birthday parties, amazing disco weddings, having our home featured on Apartment Therapy and broken toes were amongst the scintilating stories. You can read it here. You can also not read it. Good day. 



We introduced payment plans in July – a wee system called Partia.ly. Handy! I wanted to rebrand it Good Day Pay but I was shot down. Ludicrous. We started loaning our truck to friends with the fortune / misfortune of moving house, in exchange for decent slabs of beer. We drank all that beer. As well as brewing our own Good Day beer for our 5th birthday which was honestly a truly exciting thing to do. This time of year is all about trade fairs and retail expos, and we helped a huge bunch of brands out with killer set-ups so they could make the most of that little 3 x 3m space. 

Remy’s Robot Party


T’was a joyous moment when I realised that Remy and I could make decor for his 4th birthday party together! He was too little and mostly uninterested in previous years, so it was a dream time for us to build heaps of robots together for his robot party. Side note: do not ask a 3.5 year old what theme they want their party to be. Across the space of 6 months, here were the following requests: teddy bear’s picnic, space party, christmas party, truck party, digger party, robot and prob some other I forgot about. 3.5 year old are the best but they are not the best clients, ya know?

Billy + Lu featured in Hello May

The Altar Electric, Collingwood
Photographer: Miranda Stokkel Weddings

Featured on Hello May

The very first wedding held at The Altar Electric chapel (you know, the one we designed for them! Have we mentioned that?!) was featured in Hello May. Look at their cute heads!

Jazzed up the warehouse

Good Day Club HQ, Sunshine West

When we bought the warehouse in 2016 it was but a concrete box, with a kitchenette + bathroom. In true Kate Forsyth style, I decided it was a good idea to do major construction to create a second floor. It took ages and never really got finished. So, in the run up to our fifth birthday party, paint brushes were produced, scaffolding was erected and paint tins littered the warehouse as we finished all the things we started some three years prior. After all, you do not want to rush things. You can read about those heady warehouse buying days back in ’16 here

Stevie’s first chair hat

By the time Stevie completed her first chair hat (pictured here with Erin from Betty May Vintage Hire) she’s been working with us for about 15 months! I mean, what sort of employers are we, to fail to train her in the art of chair hatting? I am ashamed. This chair hattery took place at Fat + Skinny’s end of financial year dinner, which we were kind enough to furnish and style, because we are very nice and also own quite a lot of glorious vintage furntiure that you may hire for your wedding slash event. 



Oh the winter months. How the skies are grey and the wine is red. It was nice to do less weekend work in the alleged off season, though it was still rather a busy month. Should you care about that, read on, caring person.

Megan + Jo’s wedding

Glasshaus Inside
Photographer: One Spoon Two Spoon

What a pair of dream gals! Photos of this wedding knocked our socks off. So much gorgeousness and colour, but most of all love. Also, it was at one of very favouritist venues. A potted dreamscape.

RRR Radiothon

We supported RRR FM’s Radiothon for the second year. Listeners could win loads of prizes by subscribing to the public + independent radio station – an important part of music and culture in Melbourne. And we’ll do it again this year because it’s nice as heck to support good people doing important things LIKE THE ARTS.

Esther + Yousef’s wedding

Mountain Goat Beer, Richmond
Photographer: Gold and Grit

Featured on Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride

Power couple Esther + Yousef got themselves mazzed in the finest form – Dave and I were guests because they are our pals. And it was a delight! Amazing food by mates Fat + Skinny, a rad ceremony from Precious Celebrations, and mad photo skills from our girl Gold + Grit. I was unsurprised when Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride wanted to publish their wedding. They are def rock ‘n’ roll as fuck. 

Helping Bon Maxie make their Life In Style debut

July + August are hot with trade fairs, retail expos, gift fairs and other words to describe when brands need to use a 3x3m or 4x3m space to sell their products. Excellent brand Bon Maxie asked us to help them make their Life In Style debut and we were thrilled to get on board! Bon Maxie do non-shit oranisation stuff and they’re brand is a sweet dream to the eye balls, which shall also help you to be one organised legend.

While it might seem easy enough to fill a 9sqm space, it’s actually quite hard to get the right mix of things to convey your product, brand and ethos, it needs to attract your ideal clients, and be functional enough to allow you to do three, four or even five long days without resorting to taking a lie down in the emergency exit.

Take a look below at what we created for Bon Maxie, and how it looked in real life at one of the best places on earth, Royal Exhibition Buildings.

You have but a wee split second for propsective stockists and buyers to clock your stall in amongst so many others, as well as understand what you do. Not to mention they need to get an immediate welcoming vibe too. We truly enjoy the challenges of very small spaces, so if you need help with yours, take a look at what we offer.

Kate’s a guest on Frankie magazine’s new podcast

When I got an email from Frankie magazine inviting me to take part in their new podcast – Long Story Short – I resisted the urge to reply immediately so I didn’t look too keen, but only managed to hold back for about 90 seconds. I went to a for real recording studio and sat in one of those booths and wore headphones and everything. Frankiew editor Sophie Kalagas was a legend and the production was rad, because it made me sound so slick. T’was really fun and not as daunting as you might imagine. 

Listen to Kate’s episode

Good Day Club turned five!

And so we threw a warehouse party

Good Day Club HQ, Sunshine West
Photographer: Gold and Grit

You start a business on a whim when you can’t find what you want for your own wedding and then BOOM, your biz turns five and it does not in any way feel real. But it is – you have your own truck named God and a warehouse and staff and about 30 tonnes of furniture. You have an office and a ladder that cost fourteen hundred smackers. You have a laminator and over 14 clipboards. You have proper warehouse shelving and bouts of ocassional warehouse rage when things don’t get put back properly.

And since we are party people, who are we to NOT have a party? I don’t care to know THOSE people. And a party we did have, in our warehouse which we transformed into an 80s rollerdisco / Memphis-ish fun times parlour. 

Thank you to all the lovely people who came along and to my vendor pals who did their thing to make it such a radical party:

  • Catering – incl Potato Gem Bar: Fat + Skinny Catering
  • Bar: Raven and the Rose bar
  • DJs: Griffin Alliance, Janks Faques, Tutu Carmen + DJ Hot Wheels
  • Flowers: Good Grace and Humour
  • Design, furniture, styling and signage: us derrrrrrr
  • Cake paradise: Torte By Mirjana
  • Lighting: Griffin Alliance
  • Balloon-ery: The Confetti Room
  • Photos: Gold and Grit



September is the start of the wedding season, though it’s less crazy than the months to come. Let’s call it Wedding Season Lite. We enjoyed a very many thing – including one of the most whimsical weddings we’ve ever done, a dark mofo-esuq glamping elopement and we started talking publicly about our stance on climate change, by joining 2400 other Australian businesses to proclaim that it’s ‘Not Business As Usual’. We had our second headshot day and both Stevie + I were published in Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride magazine. 

Lani + Lewis’ wedding

Collingwood Children’s Farm
Photographer: Jackson Loria

Dream sweethearts Lani + Lewis came to us wanting a whimsical pastel filled wedding. Stevie took their ideas and feels and designed them a pastel dolls house wedding. They were overjoyed and the actual day was really gorgeous and special. It was rad to work with Luna Moss florists for the first time, and our mates Griffin Alliance who got that party happening, Bangin Hangins and The Confetti Room. 

Kate + Gaby’s elopement

Private Property, Otways
Photographer: Lulu & Lime

Featured on Dancing With Her

For the second year, we teamed up with Lulu + Lime to give away an elopement dedication to a deserving couple. Located on an Alpaca Farm, the elopement ingredients included glamping, Dark Mofo vibes, the biggest bonfire ever, sequin dresses, vintage fur coats, and romantic al fresco dinner.

Kate + Gaby’s elopement was featured in Dancing with Her and it’s pretty much broken the internet.  One a personal note, I had one of the best days ever – 4WDing around the farm, using walkie talkies (‘Tutu Carmen, Over and out!’), rolling down a huge hill, lighting the biggest fire ever and getting to know these sweet humans. A few weeks after the wedding, they sent super thoughtful, personal gifts to each of us. For me, they bedazzled some walkie talkies! I cried at my desk because it was so kind, and I felt very seen. Oh my heart!

The team:

Photography Anna Taylor @ Lulu & Lime
Videography Bottlebrush Films
Cake Torte by Mirjana
Catering Fat and Skinny Catering, Plate Got Ate
Celebrant Zena Lythgo
Coats Yarn Yarns
Dresses Ginger and Gold Bridal
Flowers Flos Botanical Studio
H&MU The Distinctive Dame
Styling, Furniture, Linen & Small Things Good Day ClubThe Small Things CoKip & Co
Tent Belltents [Camping with Soul] UK
Wedding Rings Esther Weinberg Jewellery

Drop everything and watch this video. Bottlebrush Films are AMAZING. 

Rach + Damien’s wedding

Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford
Photographer: She Takes Pictures He Makes Films

Congrats to this ace couple on their most delightful wedding. We love the convent and adore working their, hint hint people!

Ready-made furniture for YOU 

Building on our existing fabrication service used for our event design clients, Dave began making tables for sale in our shop. Using 1950s garden table frames, he built new tops from reclaimed Tasmanian Oak. Thus you get the best of old and new together, as well as a totally unique piece of furniture for your deck or garden.

Get one of your own here. One of them has the original wine cooler built in!

Brooke + Joe’s country wedding

Churchill Events, Taradale
Photographer: Georgia Verrells

Not sure I’ve seen a bride quite so happy! Brooke + Joe were married at gorgeous venue Churchill Events in country Victoria. They had a morning ceremony and a lunch reception which is such a lovely idea. Followed by an after party at a city bar. We helped the gorgeous couple with furniture for their wedding, as well as for Brooke’s hens party. And we did their graphic design and signage for the wedding too. One stop shop much? Yes, yes we are.

Angi + James’ 70s wedding

Featured in Polka Dot Bride

Thornbury Bowls Club
Photographer: Em Jensen Creative

Essie + SJ’s golden Town Hall wedding

Featured in Offbeat Bride

 Collingwood Town Hall
Photographer: Kate Berry

 Essie + SJ got mazzed in 2018, but their wedding was featured on legendary wedding blog Offbeat Bride in September. 

Second Headshot Day
Crazy Plant Person

Photographer: Gold and Grit

Our second headshot day was a plant filled dream, with a floral installation from Good Grace and Humour, as well as makeup from Julz Mayberry. You can book into our next one on 30 Jan now. 

Kate + Stevie published in Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride

Issue 28 of rad wedding mag Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride featured the amazing wedding of our very own Stevie-Rae and her sweetie Sammy. It also included an article written by me! You can buy the issue here! – Issue 28



October is the summer Olympics of weddings. There are so many couples (countries) wearing amazing outfits (uniforms) and having the time of their lives (winning medals). It’s spring and the flowers are off the hook. We had a huge month helping people marry + have their big celebrations, and it was glorious!

Imbi + Derek’s warehouse wedding

The Line, Footscray

Imbi + Derek’s afternoon wedding was a mid-century modern musical delight. The couple’s band Urinal Cake performed and there were so many musical performances, we had to use our pink bath to hold all the guitars! A record 50 kids were in attendance at the wedding, it must have been quite a day. We provided the vintage furniture, props and graphic design. 

Marah + Simon’s music focused wedding

The Line, Footscray
Photographer: Jackson Grant

A highlight of our year, Marah + Simon’s wedding was off the goddamn hook, or whatever the kids say these days. With three bands (including Rolling Blackouts!) and two DJ’s performing, we created an epic stage set-up as the focus of the celebration. With much Bangin Hangins, tonnes of plants from Green Empire Street, a mix of mid-century mod + 80s vibes made for quite the celebration. More of this one below. 

Katherine + Steve’s flower filled wedding

Emulation Hall, Camberwell
Photographer: Georgia Verrells

Gorgeous venue, gorgeous couple, gorgeous flowers! If you haven’t seen Emulation Hall, go look at it. It’s a gem!

Rooftop wedding editorial

Notel, Melbourne
Photographer: Petite Visuals

Featured in Ivory Tribe

60s futuristic vibes, 70s Airstreams on a city rooftop, disco balls, tinsel and glittery flowers were just the tip of the iceberg for this dream wedding editorial. It’s up on Ivory Tribe now and you should immediatly look at it with all of your eyes. 

The Digital Picnic’s fifth birthday party

Little Ginger, Williamstown
Nicole Pas Photography

Our biz and The Digital Picnic are the same age, turning five within a couple of months of each other. So it felt special to see how far they’d come (and us too!) even from when we styled + furnished their third birthday. We wanted to show how they’d grown and grown up, so the concept was TDP’s Grown Up. Creating graphic designed phones of all different types, and their favourite memes, we created an installation where guests could take a ‘phone’ and write a love note to the team, and then hang it back up. 

Airplane Hangar Birthday Party

Shortstop, Essendon Airport

Yep, that’s plane in the photo! This is Justin’s 50th. In an airplane hangar, with actual airplanes. Guests took a flight over the bay and we were lucky enough to help them create a jet setting, gentleman’s club vibe while also helping to make the space a bit smaller and more cosy. By all accounts it was an excellent party and without a doubt the most unique venue we’ve ever had the pleasure of furnishing and styling. 

More from Marah + Simon’s wedding

Photographer: Jackson Grant
Celebrant: Celebrant Jam


Treat Yo’ Self for mental health event

Small Talk Event Space
Photographer: Gold and Grit

October is Treat Yo Self Day and for the first time we threw a ticketed event to raise funds for Smiling Mind as well as give people a wonderful day. And it was wonderful. We blogged about it here and we blogged photos of the guests here. It was also the launch of new mental health focused magazine HappySad, more on that below.

HappySad magazine launch

Illustration by Mel Stringer, commissioned by HappySad for my article #touched

When stylist and freelance florist Rachel Polivka told me she was tackling a dream of starting a magazine, I didn’t for a second think it would be about mental health. The more she talked the more it made sense. Her and her husband Dan wanted to create a beautiful publication to create better conversations about mental health. It’s one of the most beautiful magazines I’ve ever read, and the content is also interesting, informative and really does help you to have better conversations. 

Rachel also asked me to write a feature in the first edition, which was focused on sleep. If you know me a little, you’ll prob know about some wacky and hard to manage sleep problems I have, and I used the experience of that to write about what I’ve learned. I wanted others to feel a bit buoyed and a bit more informed while navigating treatment while really fucking tired. It’s quite the challenge. 

You can buy the magazine online and I urge you to support something so worthwhile. 



Hot weather and hot sales were on the menu for November. One wedding was so hot (and held inside a clear marquee) that I got an extreme neck hives situation but I have recovered, OK. We had our first Black Friday sale – which we called Rainbow Friday because it’s way more us.

Hannah + Jason’s wedding

Acacia Ridge Winery, Yarra Valley
Photographer: Nikki McCrone

Ah Hannah + Jason. Pair of total legends! It was a pleasure to style and furnish their wedding, with florals from Sugar Bee + balloons from The Confetti Room. Would do it again!

Courtney + Michael’s Glasshaus wedding

Glasshaus Inside, Cremorne

There’s everything to like about Glasshaus and we adore doing weddings there. Courtney + Michael are also adorable and their wedding was – you guessed it – adorable! Velvets and colour and all the plants in the world! We did a floorplan for them as well as providing our glorious vintage furniture. 

Wedding giveaway!

The Line, Footscray
Photographer: Briars Atlas

A group of hellion wedding vendors got together to throw a rock ‘n’ roll love motel wedding – with the idea to give it to a couple who fit the bill. The actual wedding took place a week ago and it was epic, EPIC!

The Altar Electric featured on TV

Featured on 7 Plus’ Great Weekend

You remember that time we designed and installed a Vegas style wedding chapel for The Altar Electric crew? Of course you do! It’s the raddest little wedding chapel and it got a feature on the television. Proud of those guys, beating their own path for small but mighty weddings. 




We christmas partied all over the place and finished the styling + design year with the wedding of Beth + Dave – a modern Australiana x Art Deco wedding concept we created for them, at Tanglewood Estate. It was a really nice December. 

Beth + Dave’s modern Australiana x Art Deco wedding

Tanglewood Estate

Working with Beth + Dave for as long as we did (they asked for our styling + design help wayyyyyy back), we got to be rather fond of them, and thus we were really pumped to finish the year (well the big weddings at least!) with this. Tanglewood is a dream venue, and Beth + Dave got lots of ace vendors on board, like We Play Records who drove down from Sydney! Can’t WAIT to see Dan Brannan’s profesh photos of this one. 


Merry Christmas to you! From us!

Kate was the Silver Ghillie

Photographer + creator: Samara Clifford Photography
Project: Metro Rail Tunnel Art Project

Because I like to say yes to (probz way too many) things, I answered the call to wear Samara Clifford’s creation, the Silver Ghillie, and be photographed in it next to the Metro Tunnel, in front of images of the Silver Ghillie in front of the Metro Tunnel construction. Is that meta? I don’t know. Is it awesome? Why yes it was. 

Being wholly hidden while in plain sight was a super interesting experience. I felt very relaxed and more confident than usual. Samara did this project as part of Wundergym (look it up) and it was picked up by Metro Tunnel. 

GOODBYE 2019. Hello 2020

We’re already powering on in 2020 – this new decade. It’s been a rough start to the year for so many, and we’re about to do a bunch of fundraising events to assist those communities and animals that need help. We’ve got lots planned for this year and are looking forward to creating amazing, unique wedding and events that are meaningful to you, personalised and 100% super rad. Thanks for being here. We like you and we love you. 

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