Blanket fort birthday picnic

Charisse’s surprise birthday picnic

Penders Park, Thornbury

When your friends love you so much that they throw you a surprise birthday party with an adult blanket fort, multiple pinatas, lush lounge furniture, rainbow foods and a giant unicorn balloon named Gary, you know you’ve achieved #squadgoals.

The brief for Charisse’s surprise party was pretty much what you’d expect a five year old to want, but with added booze. Charisse loves bright colours, bold prints, over the top details and she’s a really fun lady, so the concept took shape around these elements.  

The picnic was a bit fancier than normal – because it was an important birthday milestone – with the adult blanket fort taking centre stage. Making the most of the beautiful weather in a Thornbury park, the day was a lovely, relaxed dream with lots of chilling on the lux vintage furnishings and enjoying the rainbow themed foods (and maybe a few drinks too!).

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