Corona made me postpone my wedding

So, you had to postpone your wedding?

A Good Day guide to celebrating the day anyway

I bet, when you started planning your wedding,  you didn’t list ‘global pandemic’ under the ‘issues’ column on your wedding planning spreadsheet. Did you even have an issues column? No, I didn’t think so. Unless of course you count a BFFs WhatsApp group where you bitch about weird things your family have said and done as risk and issues planning?

Even the most organised among us couldn’t have predicted what kind of world we would be living in, but here we are. Hello. Good day!

We know that most couples pour their blood, sweat and tears (figuratively, we hope) into planning their love party. The thought of slashing your guest list by 99% and forgoing all the wonderful things you had planned is a total bummer. Granted, it’s better than dying of a horrible virus. But still, quite a shock, we think.

Being the genius problems solvers that we are, we’ve come up with a guide to help you celebrate the day anyway! Because there’s still meaning and celebration to be had. As many have said, love is not cancelled. Fun is not cancelled. Potato Gems are not cancelled.

So, enjoy a few lil ideas about how to celebrate in iso created by Stevie-Rae, our Graphic Designer, Stylist and creative savant. She whipped up these super cute illustrations to provide you with inspo (have we mentioned that Stevie-Rae does a heap of custom illustrations for weddings, parties, anything actually! See what we offer over here)

Cut some flowers from your garden, heck, pick a few weedy flowers from the nature strip. Decorate that lounge room for your iso-celebration. Make use of what you have on hand, like toilet paper wrappers, to make decorations.

Cake is a must. And other delicious food too. Some of our favourite cakers who can make you an iso-cake are:

Dancing is a magical cure for all that ails. So, we insist you make a playlist of your total fave songs. Maybe start off with a few power ballads to get you in the power mood, and then dance your asses off. That’s an order.

Share your #ronapostpona love party with your dear ones via the magical magicness of technology – Zoom that shit, bish!

While you’re at it, grab yourself a fancy ass Zoom background from our new Zoom video call background collection over here. We’ve created five collections to suit your mood, and we are really quite chuffed with them if we do say so ourselves.  

Celebrate your anniversary in style too

Stevie-Rae and her lovely husband Sammy, celebrated their one-year anniversary in isolation. Instead of hitting up UberEats and Dan Murphy’s, Stevie-Rae and Sammy filled the day with delicious food, cake, DJ set and a trip to their ‘home cinema’. They even booked into their spare room for the night, oh la la.

So take a leaf out of Stevie-Rae and Sammy’s book and celebrate the day anyway. Its a great story that you can dine out on for years!

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