Custom builds

Custom builds by Very Good Products

Many items in the Good Day Rentals hire collection are made in-house by our corporate drop-out-turned-maker-and-fabricator Dave (you can see some of them here). It all started when we were looking to buy reclaimed timber trestle tables and couldn’t find exactly what we wanted. Dave got his hands on a couple* of tools and got to work. Soon after, we had a collection of reclaimed Tasmanian Oak trestle tables that our hire customers love.

A few years and several billion projects later, Dave now spends much of his time in the workshop making awesome, original furniture from reclaimed timber floorboards, old table bases, and new materials like plywood and MDF where it makes sense.

* OK, it was actually quite a few in the end.

Our (Very Good) Products

We love giving old items and materials a completely new life. In fact, we’ve build a thriving and glorious business on this very premise. Reclaimed Tasmanian Oak floorboards (pulled out of old houses and buildings) make for great feature furniture in both modern and retro settings. To borrow a phrase from a guy we met at a party once, our furniture is true ’20th century bastard-ry’, ie, it’s the perfect mix of old and new.

Sometimes there are better options than reclaimed or recycled materials when fabricating. We’re also experienced in using common materials to create unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Tas Oak trestle tables

Made from reclaimed Tasmanian Oak floorboards, these are suitable for a variety of uses, most notably as tables.

Price guide:

  • 1.5m x 0.6m from $650
  • 1.8m x 0.75m from $750
  • 2.4m x 0.9m from $950

These can be made in other sizes, and stained any colour you’d like.

Triangle top bar tables

One of our favourite things to do is combine old and new materials to make something completely rad. These bar tables are made from reclaimed Tasmanian Oak floorboards and new hairpin legs. They look awesome.

Price guide:

  • Standing height from $500
  • Sitting height from $450

You can choose the colour of your legs!

Huge office desks

This mammoth 3m x 1.2m desk occupies the office at Good Day Rentals HQ. The cable management hole in the middle allows for everyone to sit facing each other, for maximum collaborate-ability (yes, that is a word).

Price guide: From $2000.

Other shapes, sizes and stains available. 

Why buy from us?

Made to order

All furniture we build is made to order. Want it bigger? Smaller? Taller? More colourful? Totally fine with us!

Combining old and new

Everyone hates putting great-looking furniture and building materials in the bin. We love the challenge of finding cool new uses for a bunch of different things.

We transformed this stereogram into a charging station, able to charge 10 phones at once!

Original design

We take inspiration from many places (mainly Kate’s and Dave’s heads) to create all-new designs for our furniture.

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