Custom Graphic Design Examples

Take a look at some of our amazing past work

We can say a lot of words about how rad we are at creating fresh, rad, personalised graphics for your event signage, but the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is the IRL examples of our previous work. This page is dedicated to just that – a myriad of examples of signage of every type, surely!

We’re proud of our creations. Our clients quite LOVE them and also, our mums think we are pretty talented. We hope you like them too and want to work with us to create greatness for your event! Scroll on homie, and check out our stuff.   

Welcome signs

Set the scene with a welcome sign and alert guests that they’ve arrived. With one sign, you’ve got your:

💋 Aesthetic sorted 💋

👊 Built-in vibe check 👊

🏆 Plus a healthy dose of practicality 🏆 

Seating charts

Seating charts are rather vital for obvious reasons, but they needn’t be boring. 

Wayfinding signs

A sign to tell your guests where things are (and even when things will happen) relaxes people in their new surrounds. Relaxed people equals fun party.


Knowing what’s to eat + drink is pretty exciting. Why not create lovely, informative menus for your event that get people’s mouths watering. We do menus in large and small formats – large formats for display at the bar and perhaps at food stations, and small for sit-down meals, where they are placed on the tables for guests to read. It’s an excellent ice breaker too for sit-down meals – anyone can get chatting about food! 


Table numbers, place cards and coasters are an excellent way of continuing to carry the look and feel throughout the event.

Food flags, pennants + folded signs

It’s the details they say that really bring home an amazing event. Lie our super cute + useful food flags for grazing. Use them to let people know what’s on offer, guide food allergy-related choices and add some personality. Outdoor signage can be created as pennants for things like lawn games, while small folded signs are SUPER useful all over your event to let people know where to put their cards, how to use the photo booth, guest book instructions and so forth!

Activity + Statement signage

Often, these signs go hand in hand with our event designs – we create something rad for you and link it together with graphics + signage. Like custom tarot cards for Kate + Brodie, meme wall for The Digital Picnic or instructions for how to apply a fake tatt for Pepe and Sam. 

Ready to go?