First Australian same sex wedding for Teegan + Mahatia

Teegan and Mahatia’s wedding

Ferdydurke, Melbourne

Teegan and Mahatia had a beautiful commitment ceremony and reception in 2016 at Baxter barn, because it wasn’t yet legal in Australia for same sex couples to marry #booooooooooo #FFS. But the ladies said bugger it – let’s do this anyway. They had a wonderful celebration with their loved ones. You can see the photographs + video here, and it was also published on Polka Dot Bride.

At this wedding, their wonderful celebrant Dee from Marry Me Dee made a promise to these wonderful ladies that the very moment it was legal, she was going to get them married in spectacular fashion.

The story

When Australia finally changed this horribly outdated law, passing the change through parliament on 9 Dec 2017, it meant that the first possible moment same sex couples could marry would be at 12.01am on 9 Jan 2018. And so Dee sprung into action, calling on wedding industry friends such as us to bring together a super amazing midnight wedding for Teegan + Mahatia, their loved ones and anyone who wanted to come along!

Dee is also part of an excellent business called The Altar Electric who do Vegas style weddings in Melbourne – so it was decided that they’d host this landmark wedding at Ferdydurke – a bar in the city, where they were doing their weddings at the time.

The scene was set, Teegan and Mahatia would be married at the very first legal moment possible in Australia – we were all SO excited, it was bonkers. 

Getting ready

What better place to get ready than on the rooftop of a Melbourne city building, in a modernised Air Stream trailer? The gals made the most of the lovely offer of accommodation from Notel and the photos speak for themselves – it’s a stunning, totally unique venue that was perfect for what was a totally amazing night to come. Kate McCleary Hair and Makeup Artist glammed the girls up and they were dressed by Brisban designers, Ginger and Gold bridal.

Sidenote / proud moment: Teegan’s rose gold sequin jumpsuit is called the ‘Kate’ jumpsuit and it’s named after me! Why you ask? Good question fine human. We also used this jumpsuit in our Neon Punks wedding editorial featured on rad publication, Hooray mag, and the combination of the success of that shoot and the enormous amount of media coverage this wedding got, meant that Ginger and Gold got billions of enquiries and their first feature in top non-traditional wedding blog, Hello May. I invited them to be part of these two things, so they were very delighted and thus they called it Kate. I am truly honoured and it’s in my career highlights without a doubt!

Midnight styling

Held at gritty Melbourne bar Ferdy Durke, the scene was set for a super cool event. Ferdy is up several flights of stairs with the entrance off a laneway, as Melbourne bars are want to do. It’s very much a working bar with it’s own vibe so when thinking about the styling, we decided to bring in a wee bit of colour and light to enhance it’s rad features, such as the amazing arch windows and the kitchy-cool decor.

Alongside The Altar Electric’s electric blue neon sign, we added our pink neon hearts as ceremony backdrops (as well as positioning them around the venue because there’s six of them!). The cuteness and colour of the hearts added to the vibe – and after all, the event was 100% about love, so hearts all around, we say!

Adding some coloured festoon lights to the small space brought a touch more of a festive vibe – while we wanted the bar vibes to shine through, it also needed to feel more special because the event was in fact SUPER special and important.

Crazy good florals

Good Grace and Humour’s dried Hydrangea, foraged Thistle and white-painted stick backdrop created the most amazing ethereal, unique and wonderful piece of floral art to frame our wonderful brides in their glorious moment. The white, ice blue and lavender really caught the light and looked just rad. Good Grace and Humour also created crowns to match the backdrop – who would have thought dried hydrangeas and tiny white sticks could look so smashing on one’s heads? 

We fought the law

As it came closer to ceremony time, the place was full and buzzing. Musical legends Fidel and Sarah made a new version of an old song for the ladies – one that suited the sentiment of the night – and performed it with the whole crowd singing along. The song? The Clash’s I Fought The Law. But instead of finishing that sentence with “…and the law won”, the lyrics were changed to “We fought the law and WE WON!”

Because we did – Teegan and Mahatia and all other same sex human beings were no longer refused the human right of marrying the person they love by a bunch of old, out of touch white blokes in Canberra. It was a beautiful win for them, for everyone that night, for the whole of Australia. And you could feel it – so much love, community, happiness and joy. It was fucking magical!

Marriage is the union of two people!

And the moment came – 12.01am on 9 January. History was made when Dee said these powerful words – ‘Marriage is the union of TWO PEOPLE’ and the crowd roared for those two tiny but massively powerful and important words. No longer was it for just a man and a woman. Teegan and Mahatia became one of the very first same sex couples to marry.

Myself, Kate the makeup artist and her partner, also named Kate (only Kates are qualified to operate confetti cannons OK), shot confetti cannons and this joyous, beautiful, iconic photo was captured by Christian of Be Here Be Now Photo and Films. Christian also shot the ladies first wedding – a career first I expect – shooting the same couple marrying twice!

Other rad bits

The night was beautifully and deliciously catered by the legends over at Fat and Skinny catering. Love Kitty Pimms made that spectactular cake and the wedding favours were handmade by Jam Lady Jam.

The girls ventured out to the surrounding laneways to have some more photos taken by Christian while Carlo from Lunar Red Films shot more footage for the rad wedding film below (where you can FEEL that moment where Dee says ‘the union of TWO PEOPLE’). The ladies are glowing and over the moon and you can see it all over them.

Career slash life highlight

It’s not often that we as events professionals attend clients’ weddings, if at all. And it’s very rare that small businesses are in a position to give away their services like everyone did for this wonderful event. To be part of this group of passionate, equality loving, kind, funny group of legends who wanted to get these two rad humans wed in the most fun, awesome way possible was such a powerful and wonderful experience.

You could feel the love, community and excitement all night and the party was a banger. At 3am when people started leaving, I was devastated because I felt like I could have partied for dayzzzzz. But I went home a bit begrudgingly but with my heart so full, it felt ready to burst. I woke in the morning both not that sober AND massively hung over, but feeling so damn happy. I want to thank Teegan and Mahatia for having us all as part of their terrific wedding and for sharing it so generously with us all.

I’m not sure anything will top this to be honest. I’m so grateful we got to be part of this.

Video by the amazing Carlo at Lunar Red 


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