Floral on floral wedding at iconic Sun Theatre

Linda and Peta’s wedding

Sun Theatre, Yarraville + Lifeguards @ 200, Port Melbourne

Photos: Krystina Hess

The couple

We met Linda and Samuel (their wee 3yo) after a local friend recommended us, on the basis that Linda and Peta wanted to support inner west businesses, as well as have a colourful, super fun wedding. You’ve come to the right place, we shouted! OK we don’t shout at clients, no matter how excited, but you get the gist OK sillies.

Linda told me her and Peta’s amazingly beautiful love story. It’s one of the things I love to hear most – and most people are so excited to tell us how their wedding and marriage came to be. Occasionally [very much so], someone will want to know why we need this info, and the answer is simple. Getting to know the couple, who they are, how they got together, what’s important to them and what they do and don’t want for their wedding celebration gives us everything we need to design a wedding that’s just right for THEM. The amount of times people are so excited about how ‘them’ their wedding is, is down to our process of getting to know our couples in this way.

Design Inspiration

And we love hearing about love, as corny as that may sound. Seriously, there are people (say GPs as an example) who have to listen to people talk about their ingrown toenails and abnormal discharge on a daily basis – for a job. We’ve got it pretty good, hearing about couple’s love stories, and the things they’d like to have for their celebrations. In the case of Linda + Peta – a celebration that was very much about their community as much as it was about them, a ceremony at their first date location #awwww, linkages to their love of the inner west of Melbourne, op shopping, colour and florals. They LOVED florals. And so the concept for the design became ‘Floz on floz’, which is industry slang for flowers. Flowers on flowers!


Getting ready

Linda and Peta have two very, VERY cute small humans – Elsie and Samuel. I mean look at them! Peta, Elsie and Samuel all wore silver shoes and honestly, it was the cutest, sweetest thing ever and I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING. The family got ready at home together in their beloved Inner West and the love and excitement is adorable.

One of the stand outs for these light filled getting ready shots is also Linda’s wedding dress – which belonged to her own mum. And those red shoes! And the rad flower crown + button holes by business wife for life Good Grace and Humour. Just so much goodness.


Linda and Peta had their very first date at Yarraville’s iconic art deco Sun Theatre. Having their wedding ceremony there was such a lovely touch with so much sentiment. And honestly – from a stylist’s perspective – WHAT A DREAM VENUE! Original, amazing condition features, perfect lighting and heaps of quirk but with actual facilities (I’m looking at you actual old warehouses!).

We didn’t do a heap of styling here as it was totally unnecessary – a floral ‘tree’ by Good Grace and Humour, a red rug to pull out the red in Linda’s flower crown and an antique signing table and chairs, really complimented the beautiful theatre.

Everyone had a seat and everyone could see so these were two ace factors that are not always the way for ceremonies in unique spaces.

From these photos, you can easily see that everyone was so invested and there was so much love.




Lifeguards 200 in Port Melbourne was Linda and Peta’s choice for their wedding reception. The location is amazing – right on the beach, but it does have a function space feel; light laminate flooring, frosted glass bar, a strange greenish shade of paint and fairly stock standard carpets and furniture. Definitely not the style Linda and Peta were after, so I quickly decided lots of colour, texture, pattern and fun were needed to bring the venue in line with the vibe the couple were after.

It’s certainly not a venue that lacks natural light which is great. And given our ‘Floz on Floz’ concept, we brought in loads of florals in actual flower format, cushions, table runners, furniture fabrics and of course, the statement bar floral decals. We also added other colourful elements like strings of locally made rainbow wool pom poms, a zig zag of fairy lights, heart-shaped neon signs, plants, and floral stationery and signage to tie the whole look and feel together.

The Bar transformation

The very large frosted glass bar greets you at the entrance. It was quickly decided to totally transform the bar, which we did with a custom printed vinyl decal, which we layered with a couple of neon signs, matching bar menu designed by us, and amazing statement florals. Scroll down to see the video of us transforming the bar. It’s actually quite riveting!


Photographer: Krystina Hess

Ceremony venue: The Sun Theatre

Reception venue: Lifeguards 200

Celebrant: Chloe Jetson

Design, styling, furniture, neons + signage: Good Day Club

Lighting: Celebrate Party Hire

Florist: Good Grace and Humour



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