Bundle of neon signs - save 15%

Price in $: 1283.50

Description: Taking you back to 2001 with these cream leather lounge chairs. They are as comfortable as they look, and are guaranteed to create an early 2000’s lounge zone of your dreams for your wedding reception, photoshoots, corporate event or any other event that needs a good looking comfy lounge setting.

Hire all of our rad signs at once to create the most fab neon soaked event! You get the Giant LOVE, the set of six pink hearts, Forever, Happily Ever After, It was all a dream and Til Death neon signs.

All can be hung expect the LOVE sign - this one is too large. All require electricity.

Note - this cannot be collected from our warehouse in a standard domestic vehicle due to the size.

Quantity in stock: 1

Tags: heart, retro, neon sign, light, neon, sign, lighting, signage, wedding, engagement

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