When this process is used

We follow this process to create a detailed quote and send it to customers.

Important notes
Part 1 - Update/create the lead in Tave
  1. If the lead already exists (e.g.: the customer completed an enquiry form online), open it in Tave and edit the Job Worksheet.
    Otherwise, if the lead hasn’t been created yet (e.g.: the customer called us to enquire), create one in Tave.Complete any necessary fields on the page:
  2. Job profile section:
    • Name: Enter the customer’s name and the event type. E.g.: Dave + Kate’s wedding, or Dave Bunting’s trade show
    • Brand: Leave set to ‘Default brand’
    • Job Type: Amend if necessary
    • If you see the ‘Update Job Type defaults…’ button, click it.
    • Date: Select the event date, or first day for multi-day events.
  3. Lead details:
    • Rating: We don’t use this
    • Lead inquired on: Set if necessary
    • Will decide by: We don’t use this
    • Max Budget: We don’t use this
    • Source: Set if necessary. Make sure you ask if they haven’t told us yet.
  4. Lead notes: We don’t normally use this. Enter any notes you’d like to associate with the lead.
  5. Manual Workflow Progress: Change to Booked if the customer’s booked in
  6. Contacts: Add details of known contacts. Key contacts are:
    • Organizer: This is the customer. Required on all jobs
    • Venue: Required on all jobs other than warehouse collection
    • Assignee: Enter your details. Required on all jobsTip: When you start typing a contact’s name in, Tave looks up our address book (including us) and shows matching results. Use these contacts if the appropriate one is returned.
  7. Schedule: Add details of any planned events:
    • For delivery orders: Delivery and Pickup must be entered, as they flow through to other parts of the job and are used for calculating delivery rates
    • If the customer has provided a date and time, enter those, setting the end of the delivery window to two hours after the beginning
      Otherwise if the customer has provided a rough time of day, select:
      • Morning: 10am – 12pm
      • Afternoon: 2pm – 4pm
      • Evening: 7pm – 9pm
      • Late night: 11pm – 1am
    • For warehouse collection orders: Warehouse collection and Warehouse return must be entered, as they flow through to other parts of the job
    • Check what day of the week the customer has asked for warehouse collection. Monday to Friday is all good. Weekends are available for a fee.
    • If the customer has provided a date and time, enter those, setting the end of the delivery window to two hours after the beginning
      Otherwise if the customer has provided a rough time of day, select:
      • Morning: 10am – 10.30am
      • Afternoon: 2pm – 2.30pm
    • Main Event
  8. Custom fields:
    • Number of attendees: Enter if known
    • Job category: Choose if known
    • RWE Order Number: Will be entered later
    • RWE Order Size: Will be entered later
  9. Save the job worksheet
Part 2 - Add event details in RW Elephant
  1. In RWE, go to the Orders page
  2. Locate the customer’s order
    Otherwise if creating the quote manually, add a new order by clicking the + button on the top left hand sideComplete the fields on the page:
  3. Invoice Type:
    • If the order is to be delivered, select Delivery
    • If the order is to be collected by the customer, select Will-call.
  4. Invoice Status: Wishlist
  5. Event Start: Enter the date and time of the customer’s event
  6. Event End: This is optional. If we know this, please put it in.
  7. Delivery Window: Copy dates and times from Tave
  8. Return Window: Copy dates and times from Tave
  9. Off the shelf time: A couple of hours before the delivery or warehouse collection time, using your judgement for the best time
  10. Restock time: A couple of hours after the pickup or warehouse return time, using your judgement for the best time
  11. Expiration time and Multiplier: Leave these as is
  12. Client, Coordinator, Venue, and Onsite Contact: Enter these if known
  13. Save the order, then Edit it again to continue
Part 3 - Add line items and Damage Waiver in RW Elephant
  1. In RWE, go to the Order’s Line Items tab.
  2. If the customer added items to their wishlist, those items will already be shown
  3. Otherwise, add items as required, taking into account our special things below

General instructions for adding line items to an order are here: http://staging.rwelephant.com/support/all-features/rental-order-line-items

Special things…
  • Damage Waiver applies to all orders – Drag the Damage Waiver item onto all orders at the bottom
  • Minimum hire is $250 – Our minimum furniture hire for all orders, including GST but excluding Damage Waiver, is $250. The total including Damage Waiver is $268.75.
    Customers have two options when the items they’d like to hire add up to less than $250:
    • Add items to their order so it’s at least $250
    • Pay a surcharge (item ‘Surcharge to meet $250 minimum hire) so their furniture hire equals $250
  • Headings – You can add headings to make printouts easier for the customer to read:
    • Bold heading – Text formatted bold
    • Heading – Text formatted regular
    • Text – Text formatted in italics. Can also be used to create a blank line by leaving Note blank
Part 4 - Calculate delivery, set-up, and pickup
  1. In RWE, change the Invoice Status to Proposal and save
  2. Note the order number
  3. Generate a Pull Ticket
  4. Note the order size (top left of page)
  5. Change the Invoice Status back to Wishlist and save
  6. Generate a Wishlist
  7. In Tave, edit the job worksheet or custom fields:
    • RWE Order Number – Enter from step 2
    • RWE Order Size – Enter from step 4
  8. Save the job worksheet or custom fields window
  9. In the Delivery Calculator, check that the orange cells are empty. If they aren’t, click Save then Clear
  10. In Tave, go to the Tasks tab
  11. From the pre-booking list, tick the task called ‘TRIGGER Export delivery details’
  12. In the Delivery Calculator, review the calculated charges and amend/override fields as necessary to get an appropriate price
Part 5 - Calculate warehouse charges and security deposit

Applies when the order is to be collected by the customer. Please ask Kate or Dave for guidance on what to do for all orders. 


We don’t charge for warehouse collections and returns, as long as: 

  • They happen during our business hours (9am – 4.30pm Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)
  • The collection and return is booked in via our customer form and adhered to
  • It’s not an enormous amount of items

If people want to collect/return outside of business hours, fees apply:

  • The items are called ‘Warehouse collection/return – outside business hours’ in RWE
  • The cost is for one part, ie, we charge x2 fees if the customer wants to do both the collection and return outside of our hours
  • We sometimes waive these fees if the people are very nice, or we are already booked in to be at the warehouse at that time. 

If the customer’s order takes a while to prepare, fees apply:

  • We charge a ‘Labour fee’ to orders over $500 for picking, cleaning, packing, unpacking and putting away items.
  • It’s a ‘by-the-hour’ fee, so have a think about how long it will take to get all the items out, and into the customer’s transportation. Charge that many units of this fee.
Security deposits

A security deposit is taken for all warehouse collection orders. Warehouse collections have the highest chance of something being broken.

Once the customer’s quote has been prepared in RW Elephant:

  1. Ask Kate or Dave how much the deposit needs to be
  2. In the Job Worksheet in Tave, enter the amount in the ’Warehouse collection security deposit’ custom field
Part 6 - Create the quote in Tave
Start the quote
  1. In Tave, go to the Quotes and Orders tab
  2. In the Quotes section, select the appropriate quote type from the ‘Copy a quote template’ drop down
  3. Details section: Enter or update any required details
    Note: The Message is displayed when the customer looks at the quote online, not in any emails that are sent
Add products

In the Quote configuration section, use the pre-configured products from the template, and add others as required…

  1. Hire + Damage waiver:
    • Description:
      • In RWE, open the Wishlist or Invoice PDF link for the order
      • Copy the URL of the generated PDF
      • Edit the hyperlink on the ‘View furniture listing and pics’ button
      • Remove the red placeholder text
    • Price: The total amount from RW Elephant for hire and damage waiver, including GST
  2. Delivery, Ceremony Delivery and Pick-up:
    • Description:
      • Replace the red placeholder text with the number of trucks and staff from the Delivery Calculator
      • Amend the ground floor point if we know we’re not going to ground floor and have factored it into pricing
    • Price: The prices from the Delivery Calculator
  3. Setup: Add if required
  4. Warehouse collection and return:
    • Leave as-is for collections during standard hours
    • If either collection or return is standard hours, replace the line item(s) with the relevant ‘…outside of business hours’ product(s)
    • Price: Amend as instructed by Dave or Kate

Tip: Client Selection: Against each line item in the order you’ll see the Client Selection option. Choose ‘Required’ if it has to be on the order, ‘Suggested’ to put it on the order with the option to remove, or ‘Optional’ to put it on the order with the option to add.

Payment and contracts

In the Booking Process section, amend these if you need to. If you’ve picked the correct quote template for the job, then changes probably won’t be required.

  1. Payment schedule: If the job is more than 30 days away, use ‘Hire – 40% up front’. If it’s less, use ‘Payment in full’
  2. Questionnaire: If the job is more than 30 days away, leave this blank. If it’s less, use ‘Booking finalisation – Delivery/Warehouse collection orders’ as required
  3. Contract: Use ‘Event Hire Contract’ if the customer is paying, otherwise use ‘Loan contract’ or ‘Styled shoot loan contract’ as appropriate
Save and continue

Click either ‘Save and continue’ or ‘Email quote’

Part 7 - Send the quote to the customer
  1. If you’re starting from the quote list, click the ’email’ button
  2. Template: Do this first! Select the relevant template based on the type of job and when it is
  3. From: Make sure it says Good Day Club (info@gooddayclub.com.au)
  4. To: Defaults to the job’s organiser. Add anyone else you’d like to send it to
  5. Message:
    • Edit the message
    • If the job is more than 30 days away: Your Quote box: Add the up front payment amount (40% of quote total) and delete the red text
    • Important stuff… section: Replace the red text with any required infographics, or just delete it. Infographics we have are for:
      • Usage of candles
      • Ceremonies – Included by default in ceremony delivery templates
      • Neon signs
      • Outdoor and private property events
      • Rugs
      • Warehouse collections – Included by default in warehouse collection templates
  6. Preview the message to make sure it’s grammared correctly
  7. Close the preview, update as necessary, then send the email