When this process is used

Customers are asked to complete a booking finalisation form to confirm details of their order with us. The form is a Tave questionnaire. There’s separate forms for delivery and warehouse collection orders.

For events more than a month away when booked, an email is automatically sent 30 days out with a link to complete the questionnaire. For events less than a month away when booked, the customer is required to complete the questionnaire as part of the booking process.

Whenever a form is completed, Tave emails a notification to info@ with the subject line ‘[Person’s name] responded to Booking Finalisation…’

This procedure applies to jobs that were booked more than a month out. Follow these steps when there isn’t a contract email for the job in the inbox too. If there is a contract email, follow the steps to confirming a booking instead.

Sometimes customers will pay their balance at the same time as they complete their booking details. When this happens, it might make sense to record the payment at the same time as finalising the booking. See this page for details on recording payments.

Tools used
Part A - Get customer delivery/collection info
  1. Open the questionnaire email
  2. Based on the answer to ‘Are the above times all good?’ (referred to as ‘delivery agreement’ from now) and how long until the event:
Delivery agreement Time until event What to do
Yes… N/A Go to Part B
No… 20+ days away Go to step 3
No… Less than 20 days away

Check with Dave if amended times are OK.

Once resolved, go to step 3

  1. Open Tave and locate the customer’s job
  2. Update the delivery times on the job worksheet based on what we’ve agreed with the customer
Part B - Check and update the RWE hire order
  1. Open RWE and locate the customer’s order
  2. If the delivery/collection times differ from what’s in Tave, update them
  3. Save and generate a pull ticket for the order (no need to print it)
  4. Note the Order # and Size on the pull ticket
Part C - Update job details in Tave
  1. Open Tave and locate the customer’s job
  2. Go to the Overview tab
  3. Check the RWE Order # and Size match what you noted in Part B, and update them if needed
  4. If the customer answered ‘Yes…’ to the delivery agreement question, you’re done!
    Otherwise, if the customer answered ‘No…’ to the delivery agreement question:
    • Go to the Tasks tab
    • Tick off the task ‘TRIGGER Confirm delivery times’ (delivery jobs) or ‘TRIGGER Confirm warehouse collection times’ (warehouse collection jobs)
      Ticking the task will trigger export of delivery/collection details to the Logistics Planning spreadsheet

You’re done!