When this process is used

Follow these steps to take a security deposit by credit card, or to check for a security deposit bank transfer.

This is done for all warehouse collection orders, and from time to time for delivery orders.


As part of quoting for warehouse collection orders, we tell the customer how much their security deposit is going to be. When completing their booking details form, customers tell us whether they’d like to provide their deposit by bank transfer. From there:

  • If the customer chose credit card, we need to call them the day before their collection to take the payment
  • Otherwise if they chose bank transfer, an automated email is sent 7 days before the primary session with the account number and amount required

Also 7 days out, another automated email is sent to our customer service inbox to remind us to call them or check the transfer has been completed.


How to take a credit card deposit

To complete these steps, you’ll need to be logged in to Tave and Stripe (using your individual login details).

  1. In Tave, open the customer’s job and find their phone number (against their contact record) and deposit amount (in the custom fields)
  2. In Stripe, go to the Customers screen (from the menu on the left)
  3. Hit the ‘+ New’ button (top right of the customers list)
  4. Enter the customer’s name and email address, then click ‘Add customer’
  5. Once created, click on their record in the list
  6. Click ‘+ Add card’ in the cards section
  7. Call the customer. Explain that we’re putting a temporary hold on their card, that will automatically drop off after they’ve returned the items safely.
  8. Add their card details, then click ‘Add card’
    • Card number
    • Expiry date
    • Security code
  9. Click ‘+ Add payment’ in the payments section
  10. Fill in the payment details:
    • Amount: Security deposit amount from Tave
    • Description: The customer’s name
    • SUPER FUCKING IMPORTANT: Tick the Authorize only check box*
    • Hit ‘Create payment’
  11. Once the payment’s gone through successfully, you’re done!

* If you don’t do this, then we’ll actually take money off the customer’s card, rather than holding the funds

How to check our bank account for a payment

Log in to Internet Banking. Customers are asked to transfer the deposit to our Income account (ends in 5274).

How to return a deposit

Following safe return of the hire items:

  • For deposits paid by credit card: There’s nothing to do. The deposit will drop off automatically 7 days after it was taken
  • For deposits paid by bank transfer: Return the money to the customer using their bank account details (will be in the job’s custom fields)

If item’s weren’t returned safely, withhold any fees due before refunding. If the deposit isn’t enough to cover damage or replacement, invoice them for the balance.