When this process is used

Follow these steps to print and mark up Pull Tickets for jobs. Repeat the steps for each job.

When you’re comfortable completing the steps one-by-one for each job, you may find it easier to complete Part 1 for all jobs, then do Part 2.

Tools used
Part 1 - Check that delivery/collection times match
  1. In Tave, open the Week view of the calendar (left menu > Calendar > Week View)
  2. Navigate to the week you’re printing tickets for
  3. Click on the delivery (green) or warehouse collection (yellow) event for the job
  4. Select the link to the job
  5. Note the Delivery and Pickup (or Warehouse Collection and Warehouse return) times in the Upcoming Agenda section
  6. Check if the booking details have been completed for the job in the Custom Fields section

    If the details have been completed, move on to the next step
    Otherwise if the details have not been completed, open the job’s Booking Finalisation questionnaire, then call the customer to add what’s missing
  7. In RW Elephant, locate and load the job
  8. Note the Invoice Type and correct it if needed
  9. Note the Delivery and Pickup (or Warehouse Collection and Warehouse return) times in the Event & Contact Detail tab
  10. If the job is a Delivery one, check the Venue is completed, by opening the contact record and verifying the address matches what’s in Tave. Update it if required.
  11. Check the Onsite Contact is completed. If not, copy the details from Tave
  12. In the Logistics Planning spreadsheet, locate the bump in and out rows for the job
    If there are no bump in or out rows for the job, alert Dave immediately as delivery has not yet been planned
  13. Note the Delivery window in column Q
  14. Verify that the times noted in Tave (step 5), RW Elephant (9) and Logistics Planning spreadsheet (13) all match
    If the times in all three places don’t match, alert Dave immediately as we need all times to be in syc

Once all times have been verified, move on to the next part

Part 2 - Print and mark up the Pull Ticket
  1. In RW Elephant, generate and print a Pull Ticket for the job, and attach it to a clipboard
  2. Highlight the customer’s surname (and Onsite contact details for delivery orders) with a green highlighter for delivery orders and a yellow highlighter for warehouse collection orders
  3. Mark items where the quantity required is more than 1 by highlighting the quantity with a pink highlighter
  4. Mark items that have multiple parts by:
    • Drawing a ring around the picture with a pink highlighter, and
    • Listing the parts and quantities required underneath the item name
  5. For delivery orders:
    • Note who’s doing the delivery in the Logistics planning spreadsheet (column AL)
    • Write their names above the delivery and collection windows on the pull ticket
  6. In the Logistics planning spreadsheet, delete ‘Print pick list’ from the Things to be resolved (column H)
  7. Check if anything else needs to be printed in the Things to be resolved column, then print and attach them to the clipboard if required
    • Items to be printed, and where they are, will be listed in the Things to be resolved column
    • If a location isn’t provided, check the Booking Details questionnaire (bottom), Tave Files tab, or the customer’s styling folder on the Team Drive
    • Once on the clipboard, delete the item from the Things to be resolved column
  8. Update the bump in and out rows for the job:
    • If there’s nothing else in the Things to be resolved column, set it to Done
    • If there’s still things there, set it to In progress, and alert Dave what’s still outstanding

Once all pull tickets have been printed and marked up, and the Logistics planning spreadsheet has been updated, hang the clipboards on the loading bay side of the staircase.