When this process is used

Customers can pay for their orders by credit card (using Tave or Partial.ly) or bank transfer (using Internet Banking). When paying by bank transfer, they have the option in Tave to send us a message to say the payment is coming.

When customers pay by credit card in or send us a message in Tave, Tave emails a notification to info@. For other Tave payments, we need to monitor our Income account (ends in 5274) to know the customer has paid us.

When a scheduled payment is taken by Partial.ly, Partial.ly emails a notification to info@.

Follow these steps to record a payment in RWE and Tave. For bank transfers, only record payments when the money is in the Income account.

Sometimes customers will pay their balance at the same time as they complete their booking details. When this happens, it might make sense to finalise the booking at the same time as recording the payment. See this page for details on finalising orders.

Tools used
Part A - Record the payment in RWE
  1. Open RWE, locate the customer’s order, and select the Edit button
  2. On the Payments tab:
    • Select the ‘New payment’ button
    • Add payment details:
      • Date: Update if necessary
      • Amount: Update if necessary. This will usually be the full balance when finalising a booking.
  3. If the payment was made by credit card, you’re done!
    Otherwise, if the payment was made by bank transfer, go to Part B
Part B - Record the payment in Tave
  1. Open Tave and locate the customer’s jo
  2. Record the payment on their order:
    • Go to the Orders tab and open the order
    • In the Invoices section, select the Actions drop down then pick ‘Record payment’
    • Amount: Update if needed
    • Payment method: ‘Bank transfer’
    • Received on: Update if needed
    • Hit Save and continue