When this process is used

Follow these steps when a hire item has become too damaged or old to continue being hired out.

Tools used

  • RW Elephant
  • Tave
Part A: Check for future orders
  1. Open RW Elephant and go to the Items tab
  2. Locate the item by choosing its category and picking it from the Items list
  3. Go to the Usage tab
  4. Look for orders where the Status is CONFIRMED
  5. If there are 1+ orders, note the order #s and go to part B
    Otherwise if there are no orders, go to part C
Part B: Update future orders

For each order noted in part A:

In Tave:

  1. In Tave, locate the job and check if it’s a styling customer
  2. If the job’s a styling/floor plan job, find out from the Assignee what they’d like to do then go to the next step
    Otherwise if the job’s a standard styling job, go to the next step

In RW Elephant:

  1. In the Orders screen, locate the order by searching for the order #
  2. In the order’s Line Items tab, locate the item you’re retiring in the list
  3. Delete the item from the order
  4. Add a suitable replacement using your styling prowess to pick the right thing
    If the replacement is more expensive, reduce the Unit Price for the customer’s order (within reason)
  5. Generate a new invoice PDF and copy the link

In Tave:

  1. Edit the job’s worksheet and update the RWE Order Link to the new one from RWE
  2. Edit the job’s hire order and update the 1) ‘View furniture items’ link in the Hire + Damage Waiver product to the new one from RWE, and 2) price if it’s changed
  3. If necessary (use your judgement), send the customer an email to let them know we’ve changed their order. Things to consider:
    • Size of order (smaller = change is more noticeable)
    • Type of order (ceremonies, styling… = change is more noticeable)
    • How particular the customer was about their items (the assignee may be able to help with this)
Part C: Remove the item from inventory
  1. In RW Elephant, go to the Items screen, select the item’s category, then select the item and the Edit button
  2. Click ‘New’ next to Current Quantity
  3. Set the date to yesterday
    This field works off American time, so setting it to yesterday will make the change effective now.
  4. Enter how many of the item is coming out of inventory with a negative value in Quantity Change. For example, -1
  5. Untick ‘Display in public gallery’
  6. Hit ‘Save’
  7. In the list of the category’s items, right-click on the item you’re removing
  8. Select ‘Archive item’
  9. Click and drag the item to the bottom of the list
Part D: Replace the item in packages
  1. In RW Elephant, create a dummy order far into the future on a day when we have no other orders
  2. Fill in dummy details, ensuring off- and on-the-shelf dates are around the event date
  3. In the Line Items tab, for each package category (Ceremony, Sit down, etc…), note the packages where the availability is 0
    Since you’ve removed the item, any packages with that item will now be ‘unavailable’
  4. Delete the dummy order

Complete these steps for each package noted:

  1. In the Items screen, locate the package and go to the Kit items tab
  2. Check if there’s a message at the bottom “This kit is on X invoice…”

    If you see the message, go to step 3
    Otherwise if you don’t see the message, go to step 5
  3. Right-click the kit item in the category’s item list and select ‘Duplicate Kit’
    A new version of the package will be created with the name ‘DUPLICATE’ at the beginning
  4. Edit the original item:
    • Name: Add ‘OLD’ at the beginning and ‘Until xx/xx/xxxx’ at the end
    • Untick Display in public gallery
    • Hit the ‘X’ in the top right of the item’s picture to remove it from the item
    • Save
    • Right-click on the kit in the category’s list and select ‘Archive Kit’
    • Drag the item to the bottom of the list
  5. Edit the new item:
    • Name: Remove ‘DUPLICATE’ from the beginning
    • Drag in the item’s image from the photo gallery
    • Remove the item being removed from inventory from the kit
    • Add a suitable replacement item to the kit
    • Check that ‘Add item prices to determine kit price’ is ticked
    • Save
    • Drag the item in the category’s list to the correct spot with other packages of the same name