When this process is used

Follow these steps each fortnight to approve timesheets, complete a pay run, and process wage payments.

Tools used
  • Deputy
  • Xero
  • Internet banking
Part 1 - Review and approve Deputy timesheets
  1. Log into Deputy, then open Timesheets > Approve timesheets
  2. From the date selector, select the start (Saturday) and end (Friday) dates of the fortnightly pay period
  3. For each timesheet for each employee listed on the left:
    • Review the timesheet details shown
    • If the details are accurate, click the green ‘Approve and next’ button
    • Otherwise, check with Dave or Kate what to do


The timesheets are now approved in Deputy and ready to be exported to Xero.

Part 2 - Export Deputy timesheets to Xero
  1. In Deputy, open Timesheets > Export timesheets
  2. From the date selector, select the start (Saturday) and end (Friday) dates of the fortnightly pay period
  3. Click the ‘Select all’ button at the top of the employees list on the left
  4. Check that the totals in the top right area of the screen make sense. Check with Dave or Kate if they don’t
  5. Click the ‘Export selected items’ button
  6. Click the ‘Export’ button in the popup

The timesheets have now been exported to Xero

Part 3 - Review and approve Xero timesheets

Stevie is the only employee who currently uses Xero to complete timesheets.

  1. In Xero, go to Payroll > Timesheets
  2. Select the start and end dates from the filter section near the top, then click ‘Apply filter’
  3. For all employees other than Stevie, tick the boxes on the left
  4. Click the ‘Approve’ button at the top of the list
  5. For each timesheet listed for Stevie:
    • Select the timesheet from the list
    • Review the details
    • Approve, amend, or reject the timesheet as required

All timesheets for the pay period currently being processed are now completely approved.

Part 4 - Complete the pay run in Xero
  1. In Xero, go to Payroll > Pay employees
  2. Select the ‘+ Add pay run’ button
  3. Check the pay period listed in the popup is the correct pay period, then select the ‘Next’ button
  4. Untick all employees with $0.00 net pay
  5. If Melissa and/or Stevie worked more or less than 6 days during the pay period:
    • Select their name in the list
    • Amend the hours worked as needed (7.5 hours per day for Melissa, 7.6 hours per day for Stevie + timesheets)
    • Click Save
  6. Check that the totals and individual breakdowns look reasonable. If they aren’t, check with Dave or Kate for what to do.
  7. Click the ‘Post pay run’ button then follow the prompts
  8. Click the ‘File’ button, then follow the prompts, to file the pay run with the ATO
  9. From the ‘Pay run options’ drop down, select ‘Email payslips’, then follow the prompts to send everyone their payslip
  10. From the ‘Pay run options’ drop down, select ‘Download ABA’
  11. Note Kate’s gross earnings amount

The admin side of the pay run has now been completed, including lodgement with the ATO. Now it’s time to put the payments through.

Part 5 - Send that 💵💵💵
  1. In Internet banking, select ‘Transfers and BPAY’ > ‘Transfers and BPAY’
  2. Transfer Kate’s gross pay from Owners Comp to Opex:
    • From: Owners Comp (xxxx 5457)
    • To: Opex (xxxx 5449)
    • Amount: Amount noted at the last step of Part 4
  3. Select ‘Transfers and BPAY’ > ‘Transfer groups and import files’
    If you’re going from the transfer page on step 2, it’s in the ‘More’ drop down in the top right of the screen
  4. In the Import a group section, select ‘Choose file’
  5. Select the file downloaded in Part 4, then ‘Import’
  6. Check that the amounts and recipients are reasonable. If there’s any issues, ask Dave or Kate for help.
  7. Click ‘Make payment’
  8. Enter ‘WAGES YYYYMMDD’ replacing YYYYMMDD with the last date of the pay period
  9. Click ‘Next’
  10. Get a Netcode to authorise the payment if required
  11. Select ‘Pay’
  12. Send a message to Dave to say payroll’s been completed

All done. People have been paid and will get their money on Wednesday morning