I’m Fu*king Bored Activity Book

I’m Fu*king Bored Activity Book

We’ve made an Activity Book for Grown-ups!

I’m fu*king Bored, you’re fu*king bored, we’re all fu*king bored. Iso is hard, that much is clear, but here at Good Day Club we solve problems. So, to get you out of your iso funk, we’ve created an Activity Book, specifically for grown-ups.

All you need to do is get your craft box out or raid your kids colour pencils, crayons, water colour paints or if you’re a brave parent, texta’s, click on the link and voila!  Print the book and get going!

I'm fu*king bored activity book

It doesn’t matter if your engaged, single but hopeful or married, the I’m F***ing Bored Activity Book is for everyone and is gauarenteed to provide at least 1 hour of fun and excitment. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy activities like, ‘You’ve just got engaged maze – find your way to the end with getting ripped off’ or  ‘Thanks for the shitty gift  – link the shitty gift to the wedding guest!’

Click here to download our PDF Activity Book. We can’t wait to see your masterpieces, so take some snaps and tag us @gooddayclub_au

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