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Do you like to spend time in spaces that induce joy and make you feel inspired af? Amazing coincidence! ‘Cos we love creating those spaces; interiors that serve energy, cuteness, coolness, colour, personality.

We believe in setting the scene. We believe interiors can change how you feel. We believe the right interior design and styling is a tool to build the business you want.  And we’re proud to have created some truly unique spaces for purpose-led businesses who are killing it as a result. 

Rad designs for purpose-led businesses

We don’t want to work with just anyone. We don’t want to spruce up your lounge room, soz. We don’t want to chuck together all the trending decor and call it a day. In fact, we don’t even want to talk about the decor and furniture specifics straight up. Why? Because it’s your purpose, and how you want people to feel in your space that make our interior designs and styling so valuable as a tool for your business.


“You don’t a fancy fit-out to do hair”, said heaps of people to MAMAWEST pioneer Sheridan Rose Shaw. Our response, “All those people are wrong. Let’s create the best space for you to grow the business you want and create change in the industry.” Take a look for yourself!

The Altar Electric

The Altar Electric chapel #2

Beginning by marrying people in bars, see the second iteration of The Altar Electric’s Vegas-style wedding chapel, which was located at the former Schoolhouse Studios in Collingwood. See the whole design process and finished chapel.

The Altar Electric forever home

Inviting Good Day Club back to design wedding chapel number three and forever home in a stand-alone shop on Johnson Street, Abbotsford, you can feel the glow-up this design provided the team. 



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