When this process is used

We follow this process to set up a new product so that it is ready to be hired.

Applications used
Part 1 - Acquiring new item / getting the ball rolling

This process starts when Kate purchases / acquired a new piece of furniture.

  1. Clean item up and bring it into the warehouse
  2. If item needs fixing, re-painting or any prep done to it before it is ready to be added to the collection, take it upstairs to the workshop and document it as a bug in Jira. Add a due date to the item so that it gets repaired / changed asap.
  3. If the item doesn’t need fixing create a new ticket for each new item in Jira. 
  4. Add subtasks as necessary (repair, take photos, other things in this guide).
  5.  Assign them to the Epic called Inventory management.
  6.  Set the priority to High and put it near the top of the backlog
Part 2 - Photographing + measuring the new item

These photos will be used temporarily before being professionally shot on our green or pink backgrounds.
Make sure all items are cleaned prior to photographing. If you find anything damaged take it upstairs to the workshop first and add a subtask in Jira to have it fixed

  1. Find a plain wall or door and set up the item in front of the background.
  2. Photograph the item with the highest quality camera / phone that can be accessed on the day. Make sure you take the photo on the same / similar angle to products on our website (e.g: if you are taking a photo of a new arm chair and all the arm chairs on the website are angled to the left, do the same) 
  3. Measure the item and keep the measurements documented for later use.
    Document in this format: W x D x H
    Also record the seat height for seating items. We measure everything in cm
  4. Upload the photo/s to the team drives.
    Team Drives > All Team > Images > Products – Hire > New items
  5. In Photoshop OR similar programmes crop the image to a square, clean it up if needed and edit a pink or green background onto it. Or let Stevie know to do this.
    This is a temporary image to use before the professional shot is ready.
  6. Add the edited image to the correct category in the Products – Hire folder
  7. Add the item to the master list of items that need to be professionally shot
    (All Team > Images > Products – Hire > Samara To Shoot) Go onto the website and figure out what colour background they need to be shot on, by looking at similar item’s backgrounds.
  8. Once you have a few new products ready to be professionally shot, book in a time to shoot them in the warehouse with Samara.
Part 3 - Creating a new item in RW Elephant
  1. In RWE, go to the items page
  2. In the ‘Category’ section click the category that the new item belongs in. This will open up the ‘Items’ section.
  3. Add a new item by clicking the + button on the top left hand side of the ‘Items’ section
  4. Click the green “Edit item” button.

Complete the fields on the page:

  1. Name: Come up with a funky fresh name for the product. If you’re stuck for names I’ve put a list of ideas at the bottom of the page.
  2. Inventory Category: This will automatically fill from the category that you selected earlier
  3. Current Quantity: Click “new” and then enter the number of items available for hire. Set the date in this bit to yesterday so that the quantity is correct straight away. The qty date works off american time
  4. Replacement Cost: Leave this at 0.00
  5. Rental Price: If you’re not sure of the price to use, find a similar item in the ‘Items’ tab and use the same price from that item. If the new item isn’t similar to an existing item and will need a different price, ask Kate.
  6. Numbers of Uses: Leave blank
  7. Origin: Leave blank
  8. Dimensions: Add the 3 most important dimensions W x D x H in cm (Seat height will be added below)
  9. Volume: Set based on the items size. As a guide:
    1. Rugs and small items that can pretty much always fit in the truck: 0 per 1
    2. Dining chair: 1 per 1
    3. Lounge chair: 4 per 1
    4. 3 seater sofa: 8 per 1
    5. Not sure: Ask Dave
  10. Description: Write a description of the item. Add as many descriptive words as you can that relate to the item. Colour/s, size, era, texture, theme, type.
  11. Item Tags: Tag items based on what they are, how they look and what era they’re from. Use commas to separate tags. (e.g: red, red chair, velvet, velvet chair, dining chair, chair, vintage chair, vintage, classic)
  12. Internal Note: Here we record any information that we want to be shown in-house. (e.g: Trestle table is made up of 3 parts OR drinks trolley needs to be packed with the smokey glass)
  13. Line Item Note: Here we can record any information that we want to show in quotes and invoices
  14. Location: Leave blank
  15. Seat height: Add the seat height in cm
  16. Upload the image. Drag and drop the image onto the blue image + icon on the right hand side of the page.
  17. Make sure the only boxed checked under the image are ‘Display in public gallery” and “Item is taxable”
  18. Click the green “Save item” button

If you need to delete an item click on the item name on the list and then click the button in the top left corner of the “Items” tab.

Part 4 - Creating cards for new products

If there are more than 4 of the product or they’re too large to fit in one row on the shelf make sure you create 2 or more tags.

Open the template here OR you can find it here: Team drive > All team > Inventory > Product cards. It’s called “Template / instructions” https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ydtr5Aj8jaOCxSPHbkUOYnH17V1lEo6gbnvAlx3zpb4/edit

  1. Delete any photos or information about items that have already had cards printed
  2. Add information about each product a card’s being created for:
    1. Photo: Crop any photos to a square format tightly around the product, and avoid showing any other items in the photo (for example, footstools)
    2. Large text: The item’s name, and if pieces of the item are stored in multiple places, what pieces they are
    3. Small text: In stock: #, and if the item comes in pieces, what they are
  1. Create a column in the inventory spreadsheet and mark off what you have inserted. 
  2. Before printing, make sure text is formatted correctly:
    1. Item name: Source Sans Pro, size 28, bold
    2. Stock info: Source Sans Pro, size 14, regular
  3. Print the labels
  4. Cut them down to size. Usually there are multiple labels per page.

Here’s some examples of how it should look:

Part 5 - Find the item a new home
  1. Find a new spot for the item to live. You can do this by looking around the warehouse to find similar items. (e.g: If the new item is a green dining chair, find where the other green dining chairs live and put it in there)
  2. You may have to move some other items around to fit in this new item so make sure that you move the tags that go along with the items.
  3. Put the products tag below the product on the shelf
  4. Mark the item off as completed in Jira
Part 6 - Social media

The product now needs to be launched onto our social media

  1. Choose the best photo of the product
  2. Upload new product image to instagram. This needs to be posted on a story to be added to the Instagram highlights and presented in either story format or instagram post.
  3. Upload to Pinterest and pin it to appropriate board
Part 7 - What to do with existing items?

If a product already exists in RW Elephant and you’re adding a new version of it (If the product has been re-upholstered, re-painted, changed in another way)

  1. In the photos file (All Team > Images > Products – Hire > All Products – Web) move the old product photo into the “Retired Furniture folder” (All Team > Images > Products – Hire > Retired Furniture) 
  2. Add the new photograph to the correct folder + re-name it with the product name and then numbers (Use this format: _1 = Full length photo / _2 = Detailed photos (Starting from furthest away pic to closest pic)
  3. Replace the old image on RW elephant with the new image
  4. Upload new product image to instagram. This needs to be posted on a story to be added to the Instagram highlights and presented in either story format or instagram post.
  5. Upload to Pinterest and pin it to appropriate board
Name ideas


Tim Riggins

Golden Gay time

Coach Taylor

Sir Robert Chairs-a-lot

Sofa-ia Loren

Easy Rider 

The Velvet Gentleman

Lenny Lowrider

Rad Roger

Lazy Susan

Caramel Comfort

Ginger Rogers

Goldie Hawn

Melting Moment

Velvet Candy

Sit Canberra

Choc mint cuddler 

Top deck 


Grandpa Green 

Wicker wonder 

Chock wick

Starsky, Alf. I’m outta ideas but love the game!!



El dorado

Citizen Cane – SITizen Cane

Mean Mr Mustard



Old English

Wham Bam thank you Tan

Gold member


Mrs. Betty Pickle

Bamboo Stiffy

Chewbacca the Tabacco

Grampa Joe


The Grand Pooh Ba

Caneberra Gold

Jungle Boogie

Top Deck

Caramel Fudge Bucket

Cane as mustard

SITizen Cane

Caneberra Gold

Bamboo Stiffy


Once you’ve used one of the above names, delete it from the list