Brand activation – Mineral Springs Co + Pinopalooza

Mineral Springs Co + Pinopalooza

Royal Exhibition Buildings

Brand activations sound terrible don’t they? But they are not so bad. Look at the nice thing we did for wonderful company Mineral Springs Co. They had the excellent opportunity to be the sponsored water of choice at the Melbourne edition of wine slash pinot lovers extravaganza, Pinot Palooza. Which is an excellent position to be in – after all, the pinot lover attendees were all set for a BIG day of tasting ALL the pinots on display, so to be the non-pinot drink of choice was a rad way to get people to remember your brand and love it forevermore. And this is where we stepped in. 

The brief

With Pinot Palooza being held at beautiful old venue, Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Buildings in the Carlton Gardens, the opportunity was to create a scene to be used as a rad photo booth, which was the basis for a social media competition. And the scene was a drawing room – a fancy french saloon-y one. Using the brand’s colours from their recognisable bottle branding, red, green and silver, we set about making a scene that was memorable, striking and which attracted people, to get them to take part in the competition. And of course, we needed to do this without making it look like a Christmas-y mess – because with red, green and silver, it could easily look like Christmas in October!

Authenticity, BOOM!

An important part of a brand activation is to use the product in the set-up in an authentic way. Luckily, it was a totally natural fit – popping bottles of the product on the tables and around the scene so that the competition peeps could grab one or two and use them as props for their entries.

To ensure people didn’t mistake the set-up for a place to tell Santa about what they wanted for Christmas, we chose a raspberry paint for the backdrop, and layered greens, grey, silver and coral to give it a fresh modern look, while also staying true to the saloon like Drawing Room feel.

The install

Rad flowers and totz not lame props

Bringing exploding fresh floral design into the scene thanks to free-form florist Good Grace and Humour, we brought life, colour, depth and extreme goddamn attractiveness to the scene. We also gathered a bunch of excellent photo booth props that were neither lame, stupid, weird or made of synthetic feathers. And for this alone we are so proud!

We chose items that reflected the brand, the event and the objective of the scene so that people posed for the competition in a way that was kinda cool. Things like vintage hats, globes, whiskey glasses, vintage scarves, deer antlers, and lovely bottles of their mineral water were all used to make an authentic brand activation with competition, and we were SO PLEASED to play a part. People flocked and queued for miles to get in the booth and have their photo taken, so we take that as a big success!


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