Neon punks glitter wedding inspiration

When neon legends Electric Confetti asked us to collaborate on a range of cool romance slash wedding-specific neon signs, we were like HELLS YES TO THE POWER OF FIVE MILLION, followed by a conga line of medium kicks around the office (They were ‘high’ kicks in our hearts at least, but we have tight hamstrings so medium it is, until we finally take up yoga and learn to touch our toes for the first time in our lives #hamstringgoals)
Bringing together our glorious range of vintage furniture, mod vintage OTT styling, and  Electric Confetti’s neon signs, we decided to mash it all together and add more neon and more colour and go even more crazy than usual.
And what better place to shoot such an extravaganza than at Good Day HQ – where we have neon pink and orange perspex windows and a mix of plywood and concrete walls. Huzzah!
Given the new range of neon signs for hire includes seven different signs totaling about twelve signs, plus a bunch of our brightly coloured furniture, those neon windows, and a pink jumpsuit, we decided to bring it down a notch or two with the use of dried foliage and foraged wild thistle. OTT is one thing – damaging people’s retinas with all the neon in the known universe is quite another.


Floristry wizard and excellent lady Megz from Good Grace and Humourdecided to repurpose 75m of foliage garlands from a Friday wedding at Abbotsford Convent (reduce, reuse, recycle!) and create a giant foliage vortex, big enough for the couple to actually spend time in. Megz finished it with other dried flowers and some live ones too, so it didn’t look too crunchy.

But one of my favourite things from the shoot was the wild thistle Megz foraged from the roadside near our Sunshine West warehouse. The mauve colour, it’s sharpness and the unexpectedness of it made for a super stunning bouquet (though a slightly dangerous one; it’s pretty pretty pretty spiky). It really brought an edge to the shoot, which is important as so much colour and brightness could easily head towards way too cutesy for our likings (and prob yours too).


In developing the concept, I wanted to do a really beautiful, structured grazing table fit for Marie Antoinette herself – and so the ‘punk Marie Antoinette’ part was born. We asked Cured to Crumbleto create this for us because we’d worked with them on Em + Nick’s mid-century Mexicana wedding (soon to be featured on Rock n Roll Bride!) and they were fastidious about aligning their work to the overall styling of the wedding. Which might not sound exciting – but actually, when vendors want to work together to make sure all the parts align, it’ll always mean a more fantastic outcome for the look and feel of the wedding.

Bride’s clothing

Our fabulous model Aurelia really pulled it off the punk Marie Anotionette, dressed in a custom rose gold sequin jumpsuit from rad ladies Ginger and Gold. They made it especially for our shoot and it was the perfect mix of modern with the sequins, colour and it being a jumpsuit, and vintage with its beautiful, vintage cut and shape. You may recognise this jumpsuit from Teegan + Mahatia’s midnight wedding at the first legal moment possible – as the girls dressed both brides, and Teegan wore the jumpsuit.

Sidenote: in the back and forth about the jumpsuit with Ginger and Gold (both for the shoot, which was late Nov, and Teeg + Tie’s wedding in early Jan), we started calling it Jumpy McJumpsuit. Eventually the girls told me they were adding the jumpsuit to their latest collection and calling it Kate – after me! To say I am honoured is an understatement and I am sure this means that my own personal Kate jumpsuit will be arriving in the mail any day soon.


Aurelia was tizzied up by rad hair and make-up by Julz from Made You Blush – who is the artist you want if you are into looking super rad and fun. But even Julz was not able to pull off an engineering marvel by attaching one of the features of the shoot – a neon flower crown, designed by Electric Confetti. The crown was so big and heavy, that it had to be attached to the ceiling, with Aurelia standing below it for the ceremony shots.


Event Planning, Styling, Decorations + Hire Items: US! Good Day Club Photography: Gold and Grit Photography | Floral Styling: Good Grace & Humour | Signage: Electric Confetti | Videography: Dijana Risteska Photography | Venue: Good Day Rentals HQ | Catering: Cured to Crumble | Cake: Don’t Tell Charles | Cake Topper + Stationery: September Creative | Wedding Gown: Ginger & Gold | Accessories: Emily Green | Shoes: Radical Yes! | Suits: Hew Clothing | Engagement Ring + Wedding Bands: eg. et | Hair + Makeup: Made You Blush | Props: Betty May Vintage | Balloons: The Confetti Room | Models: Aurelia Bode + Joseph Green






Pink hearts

 Happily ever after


 Til death

 Candy hearts

 It was all a dream


All signs bundled up


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