Wedding ceremony hire packages


Wedding ceremony hire packages are our jam! If you’re in Melbourne and having a wedding ceremony, we’d love to help with your wedding furniture. Why? Because we love weddings. And your ceremony is the important part – it’s where you get married to the one you adore and love and do sexy things with, like eat cheesecake and go to Bunnings just to buy a sausage in bread.

But srsly, your wedding ceremony sets the scene for your whole wedding. Dud ceremony? AWFUL MARRIAGE. Just kidding, as if. But a cracking ceremony really sets the scene for an amazing celebration of the love and life that brought you to this place.

What better way to set the scene for your wedding day than with a unique, cool, colourful, fabulous wedding ceremony hire package from your best mates at Good Day Club?

Super awesome style

We’ve got the raddest collection of vintage and retro furniture for hire in Melbourne. Don’t listen to our babble on the matter, go look at our reviews on Facebook and Google.

Our style is rad, and no two weddings are ever the same because our collection is full of one of a kind pieces that we choose just for you!

Make it easy

Save time working out what you need. Each package includes:

  • A wedding arch
  • Signing table and seating
  • Rug
  • Guest seating via our ace vintage dining chairs.

We deliver too!

Your wedding ceremony hire package will be delivered, set-up, babysat and then taken away after you’ve gotten married, without you having to lift a darn finger!

We’ve experts at ninja-ing our way into parks, reserves, backyards, warehouses, restaurants, cafes, prisons, whatever! And getting that ceremony ready to roll, looking sweet as for you and your beloved.


We’ve come up with a range of radical themes for the best wedding furniture hire package in Melbourne. From colour to prints to classique to mid-century, our varied range will delight everyone!

Colour explosion

A package for the cray cray colour lovers out there! We’ve taken all our brightest, boldest, funnest pieces and popped them together for the party of a GD lifetime. Guaranteed to have a bangin’ party when you deploy these badasses. View package options >

Pretty in pink

Move over Barbie – we’ve taken pink back and it’s the BEST! Fill your event with this luscious colour which makes everyone happy and is a sure fire winner. View package options >

Romantic reds

Romance! It’s nice. And what is the colour of romance? Well rad red of course! Create a super warm, romantic vibe for your wedding or event with our Romantic Reds packages. Be warned though, lots of romantic red may induce party pashes and fervent flings. View package options >

Pastel Candy

Do you love pastels and lollies and all things cute? These packages will make your heart go giddy up! We’ve pick & mixed all of our sweetest furniture to bring you these adorable packages. View package options >


You like Palm Springs? You like island holidays? You like drinks with umbrellas in them? Of course you do silly. And thus, our Tropi-COOL party packages are the shizzle your party needs. Patterns, texture, cane, plants, BOOM! It’s a winner. View package options >

Billy Idol

It’s always a nice day for a white wedding. But not a super traditional one – a fab, personality-packed wedding or event with lighter tones of white, cream, beige and grey. A variety of textures and shapes give you the edge you want, with a touch of tradition thrown in for excellent measure. View package options >

Neon punks

Bring all the coolness and fun and light slash brightness to your event with the retro fun of neon signs. They’ll wow your guests and brighten up dark venue corners in a jiffy. If you don’t neon, are you even having a wedding? View package options >

Mid-century mod

Our Mid-Century Mod event and wedding packages are cool AF. At a time when skirts got shorter and morals got looser, furniture got sleeker and cooler than ever, and still stands the test of time for coolness. Rock ‘n’ roll! View package options >

Blue + green

If you believe blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between, then KEEP WALKIN’ CHAP. Because we’ve popped together an amazing array of cool hues to make your event the talk of the town. View package options >

Beethoven classic

Classique. Classic. Antique. Def #totzclassy. Our Beethoven Classic packages are perfect for your venues of yesteryear – grand town halls, classic mansions and country houses. Muted colours, classic shapes and styles are your friend and will complement the venue to a tea. And who doesn’t like a nice cuppa? View package options >