Rainbow first birthday party

Remy’s first birthday party

 Kate + Dave’s house, Footscray

People are major jerks when it comes to first birthday parties. There’s so much judgement when wanting to celebrate your wee one year old, because they won’t be able to remember it, apparently. If that were the criteria for other celebrations, then I (and most people, surely) would never bother to celebrate. Remembering things is for sober people and Police.

Our approach here at Good Day Rentals is to celebrate all of lives milestones, wins and highs! Allow me a moment to break out the ‘life is short’ cliche! But it’s true my friends – enjoy the one life you have right now. #YOLO and all that.

And thus, when you make (birth, foster or adopt) a child and care for the child and love the child and help it to survive to one full year old, it’s a really fucking big deal. The baby made it, you made it, your partner made it and very hopefully, so did your relationship! What’s not to celebrate? When Remy was coming up to his first birthday a couple of years back, I took the opportunity to create a stylish rainbow birthday party for him, before he learned to ‘talk’, ‘give opinions’ and say things like ‘I want a Hot Wheels party’ #blurg

Transforming our Footscray home into a kiddies wonderland gave us the option of both inside and outside spaces to use for the party, which is an important consideration when your sproglet is born in July. Luckily, the weather was mild so the kid crazed madness flowed both inside and outside. Given Remy and his baby pals were so little at the time, I designed it so that the brightly coloured rainbows, made from a variety of things, caught their attention. There really was a lot of ‘looking up’ done by the group of one year olds! We made rainbows out of many things;  balloons + balloon garlands, kodadama moss balls, paper cranes, pom poms, paint chips that I got fro Bunnings (with permission I promise!) and books.

A dining area meant lots of room to eat and relax while leaving lots of space for the wee crawlers to do their thing. As you can see above, the table runners were made out of paint chips!


Styling for birthday parties is a whole lot of fun. There’s so many ideas you can work with to create something super special for the person’s birthday. The sky is truly the limit for birthday party ideas. We insist you go and have heaps of fun with all your celebrations immediately!

Furniture used inside


We created an outdoor lounge room in the backyard, so that the squawking of dozens of wee kids could be spread out. We transformed it from a regular old backyard where our car is normally parked to a bright, fun, rainbow wonderland!

Furniture used outside

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