Who’s working

  • Karthik 1330 – 1800
  • Gerry ~1330 – 1800 (continuing a longer shift)


  1. Pack order for Moyle. Important: Pack the ceremony furniture (rug, 2 seater, Harris table, dining chairs) LAST so they can be unloaded first
  2. Important: Also pack the milk crate of extension cords
  3. Drive to Collingwood Childrens Farm. Important: Try to leave by 2.15, so you arrive before 3.15
  4. On arrival, stop at the Farm’s ticket window and unload ceremony furniture. Park truck down by barn as instructed, then walk the ceremony furniture down to the ceremony site.
  5. Set up ceremony following plan on clipboard
  6. Wait until onsite staff allow access to barn
  7. Set up reception following plan on clipboard
  8. Return to the warehouse