Who’s working

  • Gerry 0615 – 1300
  • Bianca 0630-1030
  • B-Moving arriving at 0630 to collect and deliver order for HOSSEINI
  • Contact Byron if there’s any issues with B-Moving 0435 435 195


  1. Move our truck away from the roller door so B-Moving can back up to it
  2. Pack the order for HOSSEINI in the B-Moving truck, and send them to Coburg Lake Reserve, Coburg North Vic 3058. The customer contact is Jamie White, 0478 130 117.  On arrival, Jamie will direct them into the park to unload.
  3. Pack the order for OPEN then the Saturday/larger order for GARLICK into our truck.
    • Also pack the dolly so Gerry can use it if needed in Warragul
    • Also pack extension cords and power boards for the neon signs.
    • There are two orders for Garlick; you’re delivering the larger one today.
  4. Bianca to drive her own car to The Line as she’ll be finishing her shift there.
  5. Deliver the order for GARLICK to The Line in Footscray. Unload and set up to the customer’s instructions.

Gerry will need to leave around 10. Bianca to stay until the end of her shift as needed.

  1. Gerry to deliver the order for OPEN to Warragul
  2. Return to the warehouse