Who’s working

Christian, +61406880310, 1515 – 1815

Your schedule

Truck is packed and ready to go. Clipboard is in the truck cab.

  1. Drive to Westgate Party Hire, Williamstown North. Return heaters and stage from the party. Please let them know we weren’t able to separate one of the stage pieces
  2. Drive to Courthouse, Geelong. Deliver order 601 for Dario Mastronardi. Alana/Melinda on 03 5224 2815 can help with parking info if required. Dario on 0413 268 152 will probably be able to help unload.
  3. Return to the warehouse. If there’s time, please vacuum rugs next to the bench in the loading bay, placing any with stains in the bath after vacuuming (Dave will steam clean these this week)