Who’s working

Karthik and Anthony, 1830-2130

Until 7.45

As you’ll be able to tell, we’re rearranging the warehouse a bit. Some of the label holders have fallen off the shelves, and need to be cleaned to go back on.

Please clean the backs of many of them as possible (remove white foam and all residue). The holders are in front of the blue lounge chairs in the loading bay, along with cleaning products.

At 7.45

  1. Grab the clipboard on the stairs for Celeste Marsh
  2. Drive to The Line, Footscray
  3. Collect the order
    • Lightbulbs go in the NBN cardboard box in the truck cab
    • The TV is really heavy. Don’t be super macho… Use the truck lifter if needed
    • IMPORTANT Tie the stereo and TV down. I learnt the hard way this morning that this is required!
  4. Return to the warehouse, unload and restock the furniture
    • Couches go in this space, white vinyl one behind:
    • TV and stereo go in this space: