Who’s working

Gerry, 0915-1215

Your schedule

  1. Grab the truck keys from the office – They’re in the locker behind the desk marked ‘Hilary’
  2. Grab the clipboard for order 598, Arabella Dowd
  3. Drive to 61 St Georges Rd, Toorak
  4. The house has a fence with low bricks and lots of bushes. Back the truck into the driveway just enough to get off the road
  5. Call Arabella on 0411 465 197 if she’s not there already and she’ll let you in
  6. Load up the chairs
  7. Head back to the warehouse, and please fill up with petrol on the way
  8. Unload and restock the chairs
  9. If there’s any remaining time, please vacuum the back of the truck, then the office, toilet, and stairs