Who’s working

Gerry, 1500 – 2000

Ronen, 1500 – 2000

Your schedule

  1. Grab the truck keys from the office – They’re in the locker behind the desk marked ‘Hilary’
  2. The clipboards are in the truck cab
  3. Drive to Seaworks, 82 Nelson St, Williamstown. Access instructions are written on the clipboard for order 649 LEVINSTON
  4. On arrival, head to the Ladies Lounge
  5. Unload the furniture, then set up the curtain rigging following the instructions below.Please give Dana a hand setting the rugs out and placing the larger items.
  6. Drive to Windsor Workshop, 1/115 Chapel St, Windsor. Try get our normal spot right out front.We’re not expected until 5.30, so do a few laps if needed while waiting for a park. It can help to park on Union St, then the passenger gets out and waits out front until a spot opens up, then stand in the park and call the driver to come around.Dave will let you know if it’s OK to go in before 5.30, otherwise just wait until then.
  7. Collect the order
  8. Return to the warehouse, unload and restock the furniture
  9. Leave these items against the rolling bench in the warehouse:
    • Dolly
    • Ladder
    • Blue rigging box
    • Black milk crate
  10. Put the keys and clipboards away:
    • Keys in the locker
    • Clipboard for order 599 DOROTIC on Dave’s desk
    • Clipboard for order 649 LEVISTON in the ‘Out’ section on the stairs

Assembling the curtain frame

  1. If not yet assembled, attach the ~10cm long pipes to the iron baseplates by screwing from underneath

  2. Set the iron baseplates in position with their centres ~2.5m apart
  3. Set the vertical pieces (2 matching long poles) on top of the base plates. Adjust the height to ~2.5m. To decrease the height: 1) slightly raise the thinner section of pipe by hand and hold in place, then 2) push the little knob in the black hole upwards.

  4. Put the horizontal pipe in place by hooking each end into the holes in the vertical pipes

  5. (This is the tricky bit) Grab the coil of wire tied with yellow and green tape from the blue rigging box. Attach it to one end of the frame by threading it through the holes at the top, then back through the bracket. Use the silver allen key in the box to lock it in place Tap here for a video on how to install. Tap here for a video on how to release if needed.
  6. Attach the other end of the wire to the frame, pulling it as tight as possible.
  7. Attach cable ties (from the blue kit bag) at each end, and ~4-5 times along the horizontal pipe. These will help hold the curtain up once attached to the wire