Who’s working

Karthik, 1645 – 1945

Anthony 1645 – 1945

Your schedule

  1. Grab these things:
    • Truck keys from the office – They’re in the locker behind the desk marked ‘Hilary’
    • Clipboard for order 665 FRANKS from the stairs
    • Grey milk crate with towels in in from the rolling bench
  2. Drive to Fed Square Russell St loading area
  3. On arrival, call Georgina on 0402 719 519 to let her know you’re there. She’s our customer, and will arrange for security to 1) give you a parking pass, and 2) direct you on where to park
  4. Collect the order from Deakin Edge, the big glass building on the river side. To get there from Russell St, walk towards the building from the street, then turn right, and enter the building on the left:
  5. Return to the warehouse, and unload and restock the order.
  6. Return the keys to the locker, and the clipboard to Dave’s desk