Who’s working

Karthik, 2145 – 0045

Your schedule

  1. Grab the truck keys from the office – They’re in the locker behind the desk marked ‘Hilary’
  2. Grab the clipboard for order 649 LEVISTON from the stairs
    • Ladder
    • Dolly
  4. Drive to Seaworks, 82 Nelson Pl, Williamstown. There are instructions for entry on the clipboard. You are bumping out items from the Ladies Lounge.
  5. Pack all the items.
    • These things are already on site:
      • Blue box with rigging equipment in it (wire, tools, etc…)
      • Black milk crate for the power boards and black cords. Please bring all of them back (3x boards, 4x cords)
      • Boxes for the neon signs
    • There’s instructions on how to pack down the curtain frame down this page
    • Use the dolly and truck lifter to move heavy items
    • The remote control for the lifter is behind the driver’s or passenger’s seat in the truck. There’s a red key attached to the remote, or use the one on the truck keyring
  6. Return to the warehouse, and unload and restock the furniture. Fold the curtains and leave them in the loading bay.
  7. Return the keys to the locker in the office, and put the clipboard on Dave’s desk

Packing down the curtain frame

  1. Unclip the curtains to remove them from the rail. Fold them up neatly
  2. Using the red-handled cutters in the blue rigging box, remove the cable ties
    Release the wire from each end of the frame...
  3. Tap here for video instructions, or... Using the silver allen key from the box, turn the screw to the unlocked position (pictures indicate locked/unlocked):
  4. Insert and hold the blue-handled release tool in the small hole next to where the wire goes in (1), then pull the wire out (2):
  5. Pack all wire and tools into the blue box
  6. Disassemble the frame by removing the horizontal piece, then lifting each vertical piece from the base plates

If you can't release the wire using the instructions above, cut it with the red-handled cutters.