Who’s working

Gerry, 1200 – 1530

Your schedule

  1. Grab the truck keys from the office – They’re in the locker behind the desk marked ‘Hilary’
  2. Grab the clipboards for order 212, Holmes, and 694, McKeon
  3. Pack 694 McKeon then 212 Holmes. Ask Stevie to give you a hand
  4. Drive to Camp Sunnystones, 98 Possumtail Run, Bacchus Marsh VIC 3340
  5. Unload order 212 Holmes. No need to set anything up
  6. Drive to 26 Jesica Road, Campbellfield VIC 3061, enter from Freeman St
  7. Unload order 694 McKeon. Help by setting up the bar if they’d like it
  8. Return to the warehouse
  9. With any remaining time, clean warehouse shelves or polish wooden items following the instructions below

Cleaning shelves

  1. Find a shelf section that has a piece of yellow tape on it.
    • If there are no shelves with yellow tape, polish wood instead
    • Arrows indicate whether the shelf above/below/the floor needs to be done
    • If there's two of you, please focus on top shelves first
  2. Remove all items from the shelf/floor
  3. Vacuum then mop the shelf/floor
  4. Place items back in place
  5. Discard the piece of tape
  6. Repeat from step 1 until the end of your shift

Polishing wooden items

  1. Grab these items from the cleaning items shelf:
    • Spray'n'wipe
    • Rags (wet one)
    • Furniture polish (orange liquid in clear bottle)
    • Put gloves on
  2. Find an item that has a piece of green tape on the item card
    • If there's two of you, please focus on items on top shelves first
  3. Remove all of that item from the shelf/floor
  4. Spray'n'wipe with the damp rag
  5. Polish following instructions on the bottle
  6. Leave the item to dry for ~15 mins
  7. Place the item back on the shelf
  8. Discard the piece of green tape
  9. Repeat from step 1 until the end of your shift