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Gerry and Ronen, 1145 – 1915


  1. Grab the clipboards for orders 739 Blanck and 576 Moppi, and pack the truck.
    • Pack 739 Blanck first
    • Pack the blue triangle tables for 576 Moppi last
  2. Deliver the triangle tables for order 576 Moppi to Apartment 241, 299 Queen St, Melbourne
  3. When at Queen St, also:
    • Collect keys for the Carlton Gardens bollard padlocks from Rob (on the day contact) or the apartment owner (his friend). Clip this onto the truck keyring. We’ll be holding onto it for a couple of days.
    • Find out where in Carlton Gardens the Dalai Lama Lawn is. Rob provided a pic but it didn’t upload correctly, and Google doesn’t return any results.
  4. Deliver the rest of the furniture for order 576 Moppi to Carlton Gardens.
    • Drive on the paved paths only, not on the grass.
    • Set up following this floor plan
    • Some of the furniture will be different, so use the image as a guide only
    • The trestle table will go where the trolley is marked on the plan.
  5. Deliver order 739 Blanck to Harry Atkinson Art + Craft Centre, Lake Grove, Coburg North VIC 3058. No setup required
  6. Return to Carlton Gardens and collect the ceremony furniture for order 576 Moppi. Wait until around 5.15-5.30 before driving onto the gardens.
  7. Return to the warehouse, and unlock and restock order 576 Moppi

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