Who’s working

Gerry and Ronen, 1045 – 1500


  1. Grab the clipboards for orders 739 Blanc576 Moppi, and 725 Sadovy. All are being bumped out
  2. Drive to Apartment 114, 299 Queen St, Melbourne (same building, different apartment from Tuesday). Collect the blue triangle tables for order 576 Moppi.
  3. When at Queen St, also return the Carlton Gardens padlock key to Rob
  4. Drive to Unit 4/159 Beverley Rd, Rosanna VIC 3084. Collect order 725 Sadovy
  5. Drive to Harry Atkinson Art And Craft Centre, Lake Grove, Coburg North VIC 3058. Collect order 739 Blanck
  6. Return to the warehouse, unload and restock all the orders