Who’s working

  • Gerry 1245-1830
  • Amanda 1245-1830


  1. Grab the clipboard for NEWTON
  2. If the weather’s no good (and you haven’t heard from Dave or Kate), call the onsite contact on the clipboard to see if the wedding has moved. The plan B address is in the notes on the clipboard
  3. Pack the order. Also pack the vacuum cleaner, other vacuum heads, and check the cleaning bucket is stocked (you’ll be cleaning the cab of the truck later on)
  4. Deliver the order, arriving no later than 1400
  5. Set up following the instructions on the clipboard (you’ll be collecting this order later on). Setup must be completed by 1430.
  6. While you’re waiting, find somewhere to park up for a while. If the customer’s gone with plan B, return to the warehouse for the next step
  7. Vacuum the back of the truck and give the inside of the cab a good clean. If you can think of anything else productive to do with your time, go for it.
  8. Collect the order, arriving around 1700
  9. Return to the warehouse, unload, and restock the order