Launch shoot for a Vegas style wedding chapel


The shoot!

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After working through the chapel’s concept and  design, then acquiring, making and installing everything and styling it up, it was time to have some fun. Dee from The Altar Electric Team pulled together a shoot to capture the space and have a whole lot of fun, using wedding industry friends as models. A fun, exciting concept that we were very quick to say yes to!

The best day ever

With Briars Atlas on board to capture the shoot, it was always going to be an excellent, super fun day. Dee concocted seven themes for the day, which would be modelled and the space styled to reflect that theme. The day rightly started with some shots of the three rad, unconventional celebrants that made this wee idea happen! The aim was to show their personalities and have a whole bunch of fun.

Below L-R: Sarah, Anthony, Dee.

All images by: Briars Atlas


Ah the classic shotgun wedding, featuring a ‘pregnant’ bride #lolz. Anthony had some fun with it, including using a fake rifle and getting a bloke literally off the street to be the angry dad! The Arbourists radical light up cross took centre stage and all was well! BLOOM BOY made our bride a bouqet of Babies Breath, because it literally screams shotgun wedding.

Model: Vaskova Silevski


For the Nevada wedding, celebrant Benny Roff and his partner really cow person-ed it up, along with Dee in her tassels, boots and many gallon hat!

A combo of BLOOM BOY’S fluro floral hearts + The Arbourists‘ light up cross, this time lit in gold, made for some super fun shots. Our cow people retired to the bar after ‘marrying’, where they cheers-ed themselves and DJ Hot Wheels – aka Marry Me Sean the celebrant – played some records, yee haw!

Model: Benny Roff + partner


Sarah took the stage to marry our ‘rock stars’; actual bass musician Benny Bass and model and car enthusiast Sandra Hornee. For this, The Arbourists‘ cross had to be inverted, because der! BLOOM BOY went nuts with a mad bouquet and a Babies Breath covered microphone stand. We hit the lights and cranked the smoke machine and off they went!

Making it official in the signing booth, they got stuck into some classic rock star nourishment; burgers and chips and hard liquor. And to say there was some eyeliner present in this part of the shoot is to make the understatement of the year. Many happy returns, you crazy kids.

Models: Sandra Hornee + Benny Bass (@bennybassgram)


Casino tables! Crosses! Neons! Booze! Gambling! Visors! Velvet! Jumpsuits! Mad pashes! It’s Vegas baby. Jai from Free the Bird photography and his wife Leelou from Designed by Leelou (and who together run Heartbreak Hotel photo booths) completely rocked it in their spectacular outfits and dramatic pashes. I mean, they’re both managing the lean-back-leg-up-pash while each holding (and not spilling) a coupe of champagne! WHAT!

Models: Free The Bird Photography + Designed By Lee Lou


And last but very not least, it was Good Day Club’s turn! Dave and I (Kate) – already mazzed for five years – remarried each other in a disco extravaganza, complete with hoola hoops, rubix cubes, disco balls, disco ball cake, the juggling of disco balls, roller skates, and other silliness.

Models- Kate and Dave from Good Day Club + Very Good Products (@verygoodproducts)

Wearing a dress made of two hundred and seventy million sequins, I hoola hooped down the aisle, as you do, to meet my roller skate wearing groom, Davey. To say Dave is bad at skating, is the understatement of the millennia. But being the trooper he is, he allowed Dee to coax him into them and he held on for dear life #blessyoudave. I felt it was important to juggle disco balls because not enough people know I can juggle, and they gave me a Rubix Cube to solve, which I did in about 10 seconds. I assumed it was rigged somehow to make it easy, but it turns out I am a legit genius #whoknew!

BLOOM BOY’s crown creation for my noggin was a dream, as was the foil filled bar arrangement. We adorned Dave with muchos gold foil (including a foil cape) because why the heck not.

Kind person and cake extraordinaire Torte By Mirjana was on hand with a disco ball cake for christ sakes! In a messy turn of events, it turned into a cake fight, and OH MY GOD was it delicious. The idea of cake smashes have always gotten two thumbs down from me, but it turns out adult cake smashes are something I can get behind wholeheartedly. There was also excessive champagne consumption and I would also like to point out that Dave has a glitter beard in the earlier shots, which is later filled with cake. YUM!


The details of the chapel design + styling are so special – each and every one was thought out and chosen so carefully. From the 150 metres of chain and 30 disco balls, to the mix of cushions in textures and shapes to complement the design, the placement of each item in relation to each other thing, it was a joy to create and I just love it! The day of the shoot was also made extra special because it was our Stevie’s 25th birthday. Torte by Mirjana made her a delicious vegan vanilla cake and she was showered with love.

Make sure you scroll down to the final shot of the day – the ‘exhausted after an orgy’ set up, where everyone who’d contributed to the process played a part.


Design + Styling- Good Day Rentals
Venue- The Altar Electric at Schoolhouse Studios
Photographer- Briars Atlas
Assistant Producers- Stevie-Rae Prow + Jac The Hitcher
Flowers- Bloom Boy
Hair & Make Up- Bridget Sophie Studio
Neon Crosses- The Arbourists
Catering Legends- Fat and Skinny Catering
Disco Ball Cake- Torte By Mirjana
DJ- Marry Me Sean
Shotgun: Vaskova Silevski
Navada: Benny Roff
Rockstar: Sandra Hornee + Benny Bass (@bennybassgram)
Vegas: Free The Bird Photography + Designed By Lee Lou
Disco: Good Day Rentals + Very Good Products (@verygoodproducts)


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