Vintage industrial + Australiana wedding


The Line, Footscray

Photos: Samara Clifford Photography

When Sarah and Brett got in touch to ask us to furnish their wedding at The Line, we were pretty thrilled. The Line was not long open and given it’s in our beloved inner west, we hopped along with flower pals Good Grace and Humour to check it out and see what we could create in their space.

We soon learned that the venue had a rad mix of old and new features – which is what we love most in the whole wide. A mix of white and exposed brick walls, metal girders, and a silver roof thanks to the exposed sisilation paper are the keys to its industrial vibes, while the OSB low walls and bars, neatly fitted out bathrooms and naked Edison bulbs added some contemporary feels.

 The couple

Sarah and Brett wanted to have a really rad, relaxed an fun party so they chose a cocktail style event. To cover off (some) tradition, they got married in a church, which meant the whole venue could be used for reception party fun times. We designed the wedding so guests would have a mix of seating options – tables and chairs for eating (but not too many), lush lounge areas and bar tables and stools.

To add to the radness, they hired some belover DJs that delivered the goods, had a magician roaming around to entertain guests and some other friends created really interesting lighting around the venue as well as projections onto the main wall of the space. Friends of ours were at the wedding as guests and they said it went OFF #missionaccomplished!

The setup


It’s a scientific fact that our furniture is the greatest collection of hire furniture in the known universe. 235% of people agree with this statement and 5649% of people agree that this is definitely not made up.

We took a rad range of our most velvet-y, bright furniture, and a bit of cane to deck out the space. Making a feature of the DJ booth was such an important part of the vibe for the couple, so we installed our Golden Gaytime bar instead of a boring old table.

Pro tip: do not let the DJ set up on some super shitty plastic trestle or throw a white table cloth over a table for their set-up. So many of your dance floor photos will be tarnished by this and you’ll be kicking yourself. What’s wrong with a white table cloth you ask? Nothing, if it suits the rest of the set-up. At this wedding for example, there was both zero white and zero lined used so it would have looked SHIT to the power of GARBAGE.  


Being at the start of September meant WATTLE SEASON! Wattle is ace (except for the hayfever, but whatevs, there’s medicines for that and I take them all!) and yellow is ace, and what goes amazingly with yellow? Purple, my sistas #boom! Thus Megz decided the most prudent course of action was an Australiana vibe, with lots of colour and a bit of wildness.

Warehouse venues are super rad, but the mistake people can make is not to ‘warm’ them up a bit. Flowers and other living things (plants, humans) really help with this. Sarah and Brett were happy for Megz to be her creative best and so she combined the yellow with purple and pink, a strong dose of greenery and a liberal serving of twigs and sticks for that wild feel.

Creating an aerial floral installation also brought the ceiling down a bit, making the room cosier again.


Furniture used

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