Warehouse rave wedding

“Kate and her team are styling SUPERSTARS! From the floor plan to the finishing touches, Good Day Rentals were creative and professional, making our wedding just PERFECT. My partner and I are colourful, quirky, alternative types and Good Days furniture and styling suited us so well and surpassed the vision we had for how we wanted our wedding to look and feel. Many wow, many thank you!!!”


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Brooke + Dougal’s wedding

The Line, Footscray

Photos: MJ Productions

We can’t imagine ever tiring of meeting rad couples and hearing what they want to do for their weddings. When I met Brooke and Dougal, they told me straight up that they wanted to have a rave wedding. And so it was. Sometimes it takes a while to work through to what a couple want, and other times, they’ve nailed it and we go straight to the details.

While both Brooke and Dougal are teachers, they’re also artists – Brooke painting, sculpting, weaving and making, and Dougal is musical. Thus it was also clear very quickly that their artistic pursuits would feature heavily. As well as their beloved collection of different coloured milk crates #bestillmybeatingheart!


Marrying at the Footscray Community Arts Centre’s amphitheatre on a 42 degree day, they couple stress purchased a bunch of parasols for their guests, because the show must go on! Not to be pigeon holed by their choice of a rave wedding, the couple were just the cutest in their outfits, with Brooke looking like a glowing magical hippy mermaid, while Dougal gave a nod to his Scottish heritage with a kilt. But do scroll down to see Dougal do Dougal and have an outfit change later on!


Given the rave theme for the wedding, we decided to let the industrial venue vibes shine but to also lots of colour and light. Starting with a palette of strong colours, we created clusters of colour blocked furniture, including their coloured milk crates, arranged in a rainbow fashion. Adding a bunch of neon signs, which we then layered with colourful projections, the rave vibe was strong and fun and ready for a party.

Brooke created a bunch of neon coloured abstract painting and sculptures to decorate the many warehouse walls and the dining tables. And they looked bloody fantastic. 

We also used a bunch of plants to bring life to the space. Plants or flowers are a must for making an industrial space feel cosy and not too industrial. Because guess what people? No one truly wants industrial – they wants the nice bits of it and that’s the lovely exposed bricks, beams and concrete floors. The rest is no good and def not what you want for your wedding unless you’re going for an 8 Mile Factory scene wedding, which ones hopes not a single person is.

Sidenote: see Dougal is now in his fancy tracksuit and a cap. I love this – doing what he wants #niceworkdougal. 

One of the main features of the design for these two excellent humans was of course the DJ booth. Dougal was doing a set so we made it huge and the centre of the room – there’s always one part that the design is built around. In this case it was music and we loved it!

Congratulation legends – this was one of our favourite weddings ever and we love you tops humans.



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