Hire packages

Wedding hire packages! How truly awesome and useful. We’ve created packages that contain all you need for your wedding ceremony or reception. Some may say it’s just too easy. We say, you’re welcome, legend.

We have so much glorious vintage and retro furniture, props and neons for hire, that it can actually be a curse. So much ace stuff – how does one decide what they want and need!

So we’ve put together packages that make it so damn easy. For now (in these COVID-19 days) we’ve made packages that are most useful for the times, but we’ll be adding more as things change and improve on the events front.

We’re your own personal furniture stylist – for free! The package combinations cover:

  1. Event type (ceremony, lounge)
  2. The theme/look + feel
  3. Guest numbers. Choose a package for 80 or 100 guests!

Package styles

Do you love bright colours, retro graphics and the chill summery vibes of your neighbourhood milk bar as a kidlet? Or are you dead inside? Our Milk Bar packages pack more punch than $2 worth of mixed lollies and a Bubble O’Bill. They’ll surprise and delight your guests and sparkle all the joy that can possibly be sparkled.

What do you get when you cross a sunny day, iconic Palm Springs mid-century modern vibes, and some Good Day gloriousness? Our new Sunshine Springs packages, that’s what silly.

Pastels, prints, sleek lines and endless coolness, it’s the package you need in your life right now.

Song bird

Natural and relaxed with dreamy colours and textures, our Song Bird packages are the ultimate understated lewk for your wedding. Plenty of personality, and nothing traditional about it, without being too cray, your uptight relos will enjoy this style as much as your fun af friends.

Wild things

Wild thing? You make our hearts sing. No need to write any more of those iconic lyrics because you know who you are, wild things. Lovers of the dark and moody, the romantic and the dramatic. 70s and 80s OTT glam vibes abound in this package style.


1. Pick your favourites

Look at all the pretty pictures of vintage furniture, gasp and say WE NEED ALL OF THIS AMAZING FURNITURE.

Then choose from our range of wedding packages – tell us the package name and your guest numbers!

2. Create your Wishlist

Hit the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button for your preferred package/s. Then submit your wishlist to send it to us. You’ll be on your way to the hosting the coolest event in town.


If you’re not sure what you’d like to hire, go straight to our Hire Enquiries page and fill in your details.

3. Review your quote

Give us 1 to 2 business day, and we’ll shoot over a quote, complete with images of each item so you can see them all together.

4. Book and pay

Lock it in! Once you’re happy with the quote, pay your 20% non-refundable booking fee online, and you’re set!

Once you’ve booked in and paid your non-refundable booking fee, the furniture is yours for your excellent, unique event! You can chill out and relax, pat yourself on the back a little because that’s a big tick of your To-Do list.

We’ll be in touch about a month out to finalise everything – like delivery and collection details, and final payments of dollaroonies. We can also offer you some pre-wedding counselling should you be feeling super stressed. Which is so normal. But it’ll be OK! #NotReallyOneOfOurServices but we’re here to help.


If you’re after that next level of help and service to bring together your fabulous event, we are just a clicky-click or phone call away. We offer a range of full design and styling packages – where we work with you from the start of your journey to create an event that it totally about you (or your brand!), unique, memorable, photogenic AF and more fun than you could have imagined.

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