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Melbourne wedding designers and stylists who create and conjure amazing, personalised weddings, bringing ideas to technicolour life. We’re for the rad couples who want to do things their way, to create a wedding truly like no other. We’re super passionate about weddings, but also about making things easy for you with our slick customer service and systems that mean we’re the reliable creative rockstars you didn’t even know you needed.

So you’ve decided to get married, and you know straight up that a stylin’ wedding (slash party of a lifetime!) is a priority? We hear you loud and clear. Roger that, legend pants. 

Guessing that’s why you’re here…

You love our style

And you want a a large and delicious dollop of it slathered all over your wedding. You love design, are terrifically rad, fun and magnificent and you want to have a very non-traditional wedding that’s about you and your partner and your relationship, taking cues from your love story and the things and people you love!

You’re overwhelmed and need help

We get how big a task it can be to pull off the kick-arse wedding you want. And even if you have the time, and even the skill, it’s not as easy as we make it look. Handing the creative wheel to us is an investment in your levels of fun and enjoyment, thus it’s kind of a no-brainer!

Our unique take on wedding styling and design means we’ll create a wedding with you and your guests in mind – how they’ll feel, what they’ll experience, see and touch. In our humble experience, excellent wedding styling makes people feel things. Good things. That’s why personalising your wedding is the key to it being so kick-arse. The look and feel sets the scene, and with the scene set for the best love party ever, how can it fail to be everything you hoped it would?

wooden backdrop with til death neon sign and greenery hanging over head for ceremony

To know you is to nail your design

For us, being a wedding stylist isn’t about whats trending, it’s about finding out what you love and what makes you tick (or ick), and creating based on that. An added bonus? Your wedding will never be ‘dated’ because it’s a reflection of you two, not the latest thing. 

At Good Day Club, we love to meet with you to see the sort of excellent people that you are, how you met, what you love, hear about all of your ideas, likes and dislikes for your wedding, discuss your venue, then shake that around in our noggins to come up with a cohesive, interesting, cool concept to base your wedding styling design on.

No two weddings are alike

Each and every wedding we design and style is 100% customised. No cookie cutter weddings, no doing the same thing over and over, nothing boring is allowed so if you are simply not very rad, we suggest you jog on, Terry.

Elise and Ryan Glitter Bar

We make it easy (+ fun)

Weddings are complex to organise and bringing your wedding styling vision to life can be tricky unless you have all time and money in the land; and really, who does! Our process is about you.

We work to bring the look and feel together seamlessly and in a fun way, because planning a wedding should be fun. Srsly, we want you to be able to rock up and shred on the day, looking relaxed and feeling yourself.

You shall not be trying to reattach the welcome sign that blew away in unexpected squally weather 30 mins after you were due to be getting your hair and makeup done.

You shall not be a sunburned mess having spent the day prior installing festoon lights that you thought would take an hour, but took eight.

You will not have shouted NO YOU CALM DOWN at your betrothed due to the stress of turning a decrepit wool shed into a dream venue.

Fun only, from here on in.

Design + styling packages

Maybe you want to chat all things styling with our stylist extraordinare Kate. Or maybe you want us to create the design and you can do all the doing. Perhaps you’d rather us leave the whole thing to us and we’ll use our rad skillz to create the event of your dreams.

Either way, have we got a package for you…


“Freakin made our wedding the most fantastic festival ever!… If I could give a hundred stars out of five I would.”

Duncan (via Facebook)

Wes Anderson meets the Pink Flamingo wedding

“Having someone with Kate’s experience to help us out was literally priceless.”

Banjo (via Google)

Private property/backyard wedding, Warrandyte

Good Day Club created the scene for the most perfect and best day of our lives… If I could live in the wedding Good Day Club created I would.

Elise + Ryan (via Google)

Rainbows X Revolver wedding

Check out our work

Some wedding concepts we’ve created to date include these tasty numbers. Click through to see how each concept came together.

Elise and Ryan David Bowie
confetti explosion for first kiss under til death neon sign
Stevie and Sammy standing in matching Just married jackets on their wedding day

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