Workshops + classes

Because learning things while having fun is rad

We’re your fun best friend who wants to have you over, make you laugh and teach you things. You’ll leave feeling fun of love and joy, with your cup running dafaq over. 

Sharing things we know about is one of our favourite things. Not only will the dude/ettes of Good Day lead workshops and hold classes, but there’s a line up of super stars to imbide wisdom upon your excellent persons on topics we don’t know shit about. Everyone wins!

Terrific topics!

There’s bloody well *heaps* of places that will teach *heaps* of things and do it *heaps* good. At Good Day Club, we’ve always prided ourselves on being a wee bit different, so we’ve got a curriculum (don’t you love that word? It’s the main reason we wanted to start doing workshops!) that’s unusual, quirky and most definitely fun (and of course, informative). We reckon you won’t find many of our class topics elsewhere. Also, many of them involve booze 🍺🍷🍾

Join our club + live your best life!

We LOVE you people! Our excellent customers and wonderful business friends. Interacting with you all makes us SAH DAMN HAPPY and we want to add more of that to all of our lives.

Hang out with liked minded people, learning rad stuff from Good Day Club and our roster of guest teachers, and live you best bloody life!

Upcoming sessions

There’s so many workshop ideas up our sleeves, we look like clowns getting a scarf out of our pockets. We’ve got a huge array of excellent shizzle for you – we hope you love our classes too!

Styling + planning without going cray-cray

Free yourself from wedding planning overwhelm + stress, with this practical, fun 3.5 hour workshop.

Next workshop: TBC

Workshops + classes coming real soon 

  • Bonkers headpieces with Calamity Tash from Studio ADL
  • Make a rainbow disco ball
  • Non-lame hand lettering for signs
  • Letter Writing Club (with typewriters y’all)
  • Tinsel chandelier making
  • Miniature food making with polymer clay

Plus heaps of other ones which we are really flipping excited about.