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And so it began

This glorious little business became a thing back in 2013. Kate was on a Pinterest rampage for her and Dave’s upcoming wedding and decided that she wanted to hire vintage furniture for said wedding. While there were one or two small vintage hire businesses in Melbourne, none had everything she wanted, and it was mostly pretty rustic when what Kate wanted was more glam textures – velvets and vinyls and what not! More on the what nots later.

An idea formed. A business idea.

The ‘Let us start a biz’ moment

What you’ll read next is a re-enactment of a pivotal and (oft-retold) moment in their lives…

Kate to Dave, “Let’s buy the furniture we need for the wedding and then start a vintage hire business.”

In true Dave fashion, he replied, “But what about warehousing and logistics?”

Flippantly waving her arms around, Kate replied, “We’ll work it out!”

Which they have – but golly, those parts have been the most challenging and the least fun, but what the hey, that’s #smallbizlyf for ya.

From eBay to eternity

So, Kate – a long-time eBay + vintage lover, began buying vintage dining chairs, lounge furniture, and trestle tables. In Kate’s sister’s ute named Maxine (because at that time K+D only had a Suzuki Swift named Ol’ Dirty Bastard), they traipsed all over Victoria picking up furniture which would become their first collection. All the while meeting hilarious, interesting, quirky sellers, who shared their love of vintage and good chats – telling us the history of the pieces – many of which they still have in their glorious collection.

Post their December 2013 wedding at Gardens House, Royal Botanic Gardens, they set about building a website, and doing the other super sexy business set-up things like registering a business name (Good Day Rentals), getting an ABN and worrying if this was a fecking terrible idea and would ruin them.

Ready for take-off

In August 2014 they launched Good Day Rentals (which became Good Day Club in 2019 – more on that below), while both working at their corporate jobs. Kate as a corporate communications manager and Dave, a business analyst. The furniture lived in their front bedroom, stacked to the actual (quite high) ceiling. That room still has the scratches to prove it, because they didn’t have a garden shed to store stuff (and still don’t).

They’ve both since exited their corporate flunky lives – Kate in 2015 when she had Remy, went on maternity leave and never went back. And Dave in April 2018, though he has since returned in late 2019 after Kate fired him from the day-to-day Good Day stuff. 

Livin’ the dream of… um, warehouse ownership

They now own a warehouse in Sunshine West, which along with their furniture collection – which is about 15 times as big as it was back in ’13 – houses two workshops. One for maintenance and custom builds, and the other for rad pal slash floral genius Good Grace and Humour.

They’ve met so many terrific people – customers, sellers, other wedding vendors and industry professionals – and it’s a truly amazing thing to them that people love what they’re doing and want a part of it. So thanks legends, and GOOD DAY!

Say hello to Good Day Club!

In May 2019, Good Day Rentals became Good Day Club – a name that much better reflects what they now do as a business. In the beginning, it was just furniture hire, then about a year in they launched event design and styling, adding neon sign hire in late 2017 and graphic design in mid-2018, plus a bunch of new things that they’ve since let go of.

Watch a cute arse video and read more about why they changed their name over on their radical blog.

Surviving the pandemic, Good Day Club is now more than ever focused on design – for events and for commercial interiors, with furniture hire for their design clients only. Which feels weird, but also, is the right decision for this small biz, that is allowed to make the rules for itself.

Well, good day and good night, thanks for reading!

Meet the team

Kate Forsyth

Kate Forsyth

Co-Founder + Creative Director

Co-founder and creative director of Melbourne event design and interiors styling legends, Good Day Club.
Kate Forsyth is an expert at stacking unstackable vintage chairs, driving her truck – God – with only a few minor infractions with roadside trees and traffic islands, and designing and styling the raddest, most non-traditional and fun weddings known to wo/man/people.
Kate is also a person. Outside of running a small business she parents two small humans – Remy (7) + Bon (1) along side her husbo Dave, plays drums, reads like a mofo and likes to drink beer and paint things pink.

Dave Bunting

Dave Bunting

Co-Founder + Occasional GM

Co-founder and kiwi, Dave Bunting is even more of an expert [not true] at stacking chairs than creative director Kate Forsyth. Dave takes care of most of the quite boring behind-the-scenes stuff, repairing furniture following admission to the Good Day Club Chair Hospital, and turning Kate’s super-rad ideas for furniture or props into actual things.


33/180 Fairbairn Rd, Sunshine West VIC 3020

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