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Hire + Styling FAQs


Hire period and minimum hire

How long is your hire period?
Three days or 72 hours, though it can be stretched a little (by prior arrangement) if there are no bookings right after yours.
Is there a minimum hire amount?

Yes. Minimum hire is $1000. Delivery is calculated on top of this minimum. Damage waiver of 7.5% also applies.

Warehouse collections

Can I pick-up my order from you?

Yes. If you’d like to pick-up and return to us, let us know when requesting a quote.

For large orders, a labour fee may be charged for warehouse pick-up and returns, however for most orders, there is no charge to collect from us.

Only covered vehicles such as vans and trucks can be used for collections – see below for requirements.

A bond is required for all warehouse collections. Bonds start from $200 and are calculated on the value of goods being hired. The bond is refundable as long as nothing is damaged. The bond is paid in addition to the damage waiver. The reason we do this is because our furniture collection is a labour of love collected over many years. We want to protect it so it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. We have found that asking for a bond increases the amount of care taken by hirers when transporting themselves.

Pick-ups and returns take place within Good Day Club’s business hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10am – 4.00pm (the Warehouse is closed on Wednesday’s)

Pick-up and returns must be booked in, and take place within a 30-minute block. Other times and days by prior arrangement. For out of hours requests, an additional fee may be charged.

Where is your warehouse?

We are located at Unit 33, 180 Fairbairn Road, Sunshine West.

We are open by appointment only.

Finding us can be a little tricky – enter from Proximity Drive and go through the gates. We are 100m down on the right. See the map below:

What do I need to bring to collect from your warehouse?
  • Appropriate vehicle – covered vehicles only, such as vans and trucks
  • Straps and/or ropes
  • Blankets and fabrics to protect the items

You will need straps or rope to secure the items, even if they are going in the back of a van/truck.

We cannot provide these items so they must be brought with you. If you do not have an appropriate vehicle (including if your vehicle is too small) and accessories, we reserve the right to withhold your order. Withheld orders will not be refunded.

What are your pick-up and return hours?

Pick-ups and returns take place within Good Day Club’s business hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 10.00am – 4.00pm (The Warehouse is closed on Wednesday’s)

Other times and days by prior arrangement. Pick-up and returns must be booked in. Collections/returns outside of our business hours may incur additional fees.

Delivery and set-up

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we do. If you’d like delivery, let us know the delivery location, dates and approximate times in our enquiry form. Delivery is calculated based on the days, times, volume and location of the delivery.

We provide two hour delivery and collection windows. For example, we will deliver between 10am – midday. If you require a specific delivery time, an additional charge may be added to your order.

For wedding ceremonies, we usually deliver and set-up by 30-45 mins prior to your guests arriving and pack up around 30-45 minutes after your ceremony to give you time to have photos and chat with your guests without people moving furniture. If you require more time, just let us know when you are enquiring.

Is delivery included in the hire price?
No, delivery is an additional cost, calculated once we know what you would like to order, the quantities of those items, when and where to deliver, access to the site and the dates and times of your event.
What time will my delivery arrive?

We provide a two hour delivery window for most orders. If you want your order to arrive at a specific time, an additional fee may be charged.

For wedding ceremonies, we usually deliver and set-up by 30-45 mins prior to your guests arriving and pack up around 30-45 minutes after your ceremony to give you time to have photos and chat with your guests without people moving furniture. If you require more time, let us know when you are enquiring.

Can you set my event up?

Yes. Set-up and pack down is $60 per hour per event assistant. You can request set-up and pack down when making an enquiry. Every event is different, so we work out the exact charge as part of your quote. If you want or need a stylist for your set-up, the cost is $80 per hour.

For wedding ceremonies, set-up in included in the delivery fee.

We require detailed drawings, instructions, maps and photos for all set-up requests, so that we get it exactly right for you. We will ask for this about a month out from your event.

Cancellations + postponements

What if it rains on my wedding day? Will I get a refund?

As Alanis Morrisette would say, isn’t it ironic? No, Alanis, it’s just a pain in the 🍑

Cancellations due to rain or other annoying weather fall under our regular cancellation policy.

This is actually really rare. In six years, we’ve had ONE ceremony that didn’t go ahead because of rain. Most times, a plan B is enacted, and all is well! Moral? Get yo’self a plan B, always.

What is your cancellation policy?

In short:

  • If the booking is cancelled 14 days or more before the Event Date, and the Customer booked before April 2020, the Customer will forfeit 40% of the total order value. The forfeit percentage relates to the booking fee paid at the time of booking
  • If the booking is cancelled 14 days or more before the Event Date, and the Customer booked after April 2020, the Customer will forfeit 20% of the total order value. The forfeit percentage relates to the booking fee paid at the time of booking
  • If you cancel within the 14 days leading up to your event, you forfeit 100% of your order
  • These terms may apply to cancellation of individual items from any confirmed order at our discretion.

As part of our quoting process, we provide you an agreement which details this further.

What if I need to postpone my event?

Ah yes, this is certainly a bit of a current issue. If you need to move your event to a new date due to unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone (Good Day Club or the client) from fulfilling a contract (such as the COVID-19 Pandemic and government regulations that prohibit weddings), the following applies:

  1. Your Booking Fee will be moved to your a new date on one occasion only, subject to availability of hire items and staff.
  2. If you require second or subsequent postponements, we will charge a re-booking fee of $250.
  3. If the customer wishes to postpone but doesn’t yet have a confirmed date, we will suspend Booking Fee and Hire Services for six months from request date without charge. If customer doesn’t have a confirmed date after six months, they will be charged a $250 re-booking fee,  subject to availability
  4. The customer must accept substitutions for unavailable items, changes to delivery and collection times, and other changes as deemed necessary for Good Day Club to fulfill your event on a new date
  5. When postponing to a new date, check date availability with us prior to requesting a change. If the customer requests a date that cannot accommodate, it will be considered a cancellation and the Booking Fee is forfeited.
  6. Additional costs may be incurred outside of quoted costs. For example, delivery and collection may be recalculated to cover costs of higher labour (on Sundays + Public Holidays, CPI increases to costs if postponed a year or more from the original booked event date). If moving the date into the next calendar year, a 5% surcharge will be added to your total booking for each year it is moved into the future.  
  7. Your payment terms may be altered in the event of a postponement as follows: final balance (60% of booked cost) will be split over two payments. Payment 1 on the original due date (two weeks prior to original event date) and Payment 2 two weeks prior to the new event date. The total costs remain that same but are paid across three payments rather than two.
  8. Refunds are not offered or available

In the event you want to postpone to a new date due to personal choice (rather than a government directive for example), a $250 re-booking fee applies and is payable by the Customer. Clauses 2-8 above also apply to this situation.


COVIDSafe Plan

Is Good Day Club COVIDSafe?

Like all businesses around Australia and the world, we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that we are COVIDSafe because we don’t want our staff or you lovely people to get sick. We also love our job here at Good Day Club and we’d be devo if weddings and events became illegal again. We’ve always taken health and safety very seriously, and this to us is simply a broadening of this to keep our staff and customers safe and COVID free. 

To put you at ease, here are the steps we’ve taken to make sure we are COVIDSafe:

  1. All our staff have completed COVIDSafe training 
  2. All our staff complete a health check before commencing each shift. They also wear masks and practice good hand hygiene throughout their shift 
  3. All our hire items are cleaned and disinfected before they leave the warehouse and again they are returned. We also ensure that our truck and high touch areas in the warehouse are cleaned and disinfected at the beginning and end of each shift
  4. When we book a job we make sure that our staff arrive at the venue at an agreed time so that they can adhere to room capacity limits 
  5. We’re regularly reviewing changes, rules and guidelines so that we’re on top of best practice at all times.

Furniture viewings

Can I come and see the furniture?

Yes! To book your viewing, give us some info by completing a hire enquiry. Once your enquiry’s in, you’ll be redirected to our booking page for a furniture viewings.

Our website photos are very true to the real life products, and if you click on each product, you will find their dimensions and any other pertinent information.

If you have specific questions about a product, we are super happy to answer your questions as part of your enquiry.

Caring for furniture while it is in your care

My venue has no storage. Can the furniture be left out overnight?

NO. No, no no, no. Once the furniture is in your care (upon delivery or upon collecting from our warehouse), you are required to protect it from the elements. Leaving it outside without cover overnight is not recommended. You will be invoiced for damaged items at the full replacement cost plus any lost hires, which can be a lot of money, so best to speak with your venue first about appropriate storage arrangements.

If you wouldn’t leave your own couch out overnight, or your favourite rug, then best not to do that to ours either.

Do I need to clean the furniture before returning?
Furniture needs to be in the same condition as when you received it. We ask hirers to take precautions to protect furniture in their care from things like dreaded candle wax.

If a substantial cleaning job is required, you may be invoiced for the work.

Wedding arches and backdrops need to be free of all flowers and additions prior to collection or a cleaning fee may be charged.


Quotes and orders

How do I get a quote?

Enquiries for hire quotes, event design and styling and graphic design all can be done on our enquiries page.

Once you’ve sent your enquiry, we shall get back to you within one business day.

How do I place an order?

Once you have received your quote, review it and make sure it’s what you want. To book in, just follow the prompts in the quote email.

For events booked more than 30 days out:

  • A 20% non-refundable booking fee must be paid to secure your order
  • The balance is due 14 days from your event
  • We will contact you about 1 month from your event to finalise your order, which involves paying your balance and confirming some details

For events booked 30 days or less out:

  • Payment is required in full up front
  • You finalise your order as part of booking in
Can I change my order?

Adding items
Adding items to your order is no problem, if the items are available on your event date.

Removing items
The short answer is no. The long answer is: when you pay your 20% deposit to secure your order, you are entering into an agreement with us where we hold those items for you and not hire them to anyone else. If you decide you don’t want those items, they will still need to be paid for, as per your hire agreement with us because we have most likely turned down other enquiries to hire them because they were on hold for you.

We are not monsters, just a small business trying to succeed so we trust you understand. We will try to assist you to choose the right things for your event up front and will allow changes in some circumstances.

What is a damage waiver and is it refundable?

A damage waiver is an industry standard fee payable for each order to cover all costs related to the normal wear and tear to the hired equipment. We charge 7.5% in line with similar companies.

The waiver doesn’t apply to any other damage. So if someone dances on a chair and it breaks (yes, this happens!) or if something ‘disappears’ from your event, you will be invoiced for the full replacement cost plus future lost hires.


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