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For lovers of colour and the most glorious mix of old and new

Are you rad? Do you like doing things your own way? And do you want to create an event or space truly like no other?

Perfect! Because we’re here bringing your technicolour dreams to life. Good Day Club is Melbourne’s go-to for unique, personalised, and straight-up fantastic wedding, event and interior design + styling. 


Are you heaving multiple sighs of relief slash fist pumping now you’ve found us, because finally you can see yourselves in the weddings we create? 

Firstly, we are most humbled to have created a space for you! Our mission has always been to create personalised weddings that are totz about you and unique AF. We want your guests to leave, saying “That was SO THEM!” And if that means creating a 30-foot sculpture of your favourite animal – the mighty Dugong – out of your odd socks, then dang it, we’ll do it.

Secondly, we truly love meeting and getting to know excellent couples like you, hearing your stories (love, animals and otherwise) and then getting to work creating a rad, thoughtful wedding design to equal your magnificence (as well as your venue and budget!)

If you like our style, we’d love to help you create something rad. And if you’re overwhelmed with your 48,945,567 pins and screenshots and saved images, we can take all of that, work our magic and create a cohesive and fantastic wedding that you’ll love until your dying day.

wooden backdrop with til death neon sign and greenery hanging over head for ceremony


You’ve got an event in the works and you need it to hit different, dont ya? Whether your vision is fully formed or your ideas are sketched on the back of your hand, you’ve found your way here because we’re known for creating high-impact, unique events that meet your radical objectives. 

Our innovative, creative design thinking and event styling married with our past life working in the corporate world means we’re able to produce event designs that help you to stand out from the crowd.

Unstuffy, fun, effortless, considered and awesome shall be your event; whether it’s a brand activation, corporate launch, business birthday party, Green Room creation, Christmas party, design/maker’s market stands, wedding expo stalls, film and TV shoots, or a gala dinner. We’ve got you covered.

green velvet vintage sofa lounge set up


If you’re after something amazing for your office space, a new business or retail endeavour, we can work alongside you to create a bold, one-of-a-kind, fantastic commercial space that’ll play a huge role in achieving your business goals.

Your customers will love it, you’ll stand out in their minds and what’s more joyful than loving your space sick every day? We especially love helping purpose-led businesses create their dream spaces.

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