Rad events, design + merch for rad people

About us

Good Day Club is Melbourne’s go-to for unique, super awesome vintage + retro furniture hire, and event design + styling, plus kick-arse graphic design, headshots and merch. We’re for the people who’re rad, who want to do things their way, and want to create an event or wedding truly like no other. 

Vintage + retro hire

Our glorious collection of vintage and retro furniture is what your event dreams are made of. Colour, texture, personality. Our curated range is full of cool shit from across the 19th and 20th centuries – with a few modern day stragglers! One off pieces you won’t see literally anywhere else, BOOM!

wedding menu signage for welcome sign and way finding

Event design + styling

At Good Day Club, we’re all about your event or wedding being totz about you and unique AF. We want your guests to leave, saying “That was SO Margery and Nigel!” And if that means creating a 30 foot sculpture of your favourite animal – the mighty Dugong – made out of your odd socks, then dang it, we’ll do it.

We love nothing more than meeting people, hearing their stories, getting to know them, and then getting to work creating a design that suits them, their venue and their budget.

If you like our style, we’d love to help you create something rad. And if you’re overwhelmed with your 48,945,567 pins and screenshots and saved images, we can take all of that, work our magic and create something cohesive and fantastic that you’ll love until your dying day.

wooden backdrop with til death neon sign and greenery hanging over head for ceremony

Graphic design

Bring personality to your event in a way that’s immediate, striking, and FUN! We’ve got creative, unique and personalised design and signage that will set the perfect scene.

Rad merch for ace people

Own a wee bit of Good Day merch, to really make certain you have a good day! Limited edition rad stuff, like our Sad Chair Club merch which is now available, and our video call backgrounds.

Sad Chair club merch

Space design + styling

We love interiors so very much and some of our favourite projects to date have been interior designs and fit-outs. If you’re after something amazing for your office space, a new business or shop, or even a jazz up of your lounge room, we can help create something personal, unique, bold and fantastic.

Your customers will love it, you’ll stand out in their minds and what’s more joyful than loving your space sick everyday?

The Altar Electric

Neon sign hire

Bring all the light and fun and coolness to your event with one of our super rad neon signs for hire. Designed by the trailblazers of neon, the BEST in the biz; Electric Confetti. It’s the collab of FOREVER – Good Day Club X Electric Confetti. Pop your sunglasses on, and go be dazzled by our rad range.

Neon sign soy cowboy themed wedding