Interior design for MAMAWEST

When MAMAWEST founder Sheridan Rose Shaw slid into our DM’s during one of the very first  Melbourne lockdowns, it was a delightful meeting of like minds. It was quickly decided that Good Day Club would help her create the hair salon of her dreams. Given Sheridan’s bold style and purpose-led business mission, t’was – as they say – a match made in heaven.

Many a person told Sheridan that she didn’t need a fancy salon to create amazing hair. It’s not untrue, but it also misses the point and lacks understanding of why Sheridan wanted to create a stunning space, reflective of her business. As she took her home salon to the next level, signing a lease on a big shop in Maidstone, the space needed as much personality as its owner. It needed to attract the clients she wanted. It needed to be a springboard for her to bring change to the industry.

While it’s a hugely Instagramable space, that wasn’t the design’s driving force. But instead, a happy by-product of it. Sheridan wanted a space that:

  • People couldn’t feel sad in
  • Fostered community and connection
  • Inspired the MAMAWEST team to be their best and boldest with every client
  • Attract like-minded, rad customers who appreciate the team’s skill and talent and were willing to pay for that
  • Organically build the salon’s profile
  • Attract complementary businesses to share the space and clients.

As you can see, the space is alive, inspiring and a feast for the eyes. It’s been an integral part of her success with building MAMAWEST into an inner west institution – every one knows it! But MAMAWEST has also become well known throughout Australia, partly due to how unique and special the space is – the salon has won so many awards, it’s actully quite crazy. 

It was an honour and a great deal of fun to create this space with Sheridan, and to see it become a living, breathing space to serve a great community.

We’ll never tell you that you ideas are too much or are silly or unneccessary. Our mission is to help put a look and feel to wonderful businesses so they can continue their missions of awesomeness.