Retail fitout for Pop Lab

Do you like delicious sweet treats? Of course you do silly! That’s why you’re here. 

Poplab Popcorn is a visual delight and treat for your senses. And it’s filled with literal deliciousness in the forms of 30+ flavours of gourmet popcorn, handmade sodas and all the candy you can imagine.

Owner Kate, who is from Texas, had a bold vision to bring gourmet popcorn, handmade soda and candy to Melbourne. She knew that a standard retail fit out would not do her plans justice, so she asked for Good Day Club for interior design help. And we were thrilled to jump on board, even before they’d secured their (now operational) space in Fairfield.

It’s one thing to have an idea of what you want a space to look like, but it’s a whole other to bring that space to life, in a way that exceeds the initial vision and sets up your new business to attract your dream customers. So, we got to work with Texan Kate (as opposed to Good Day Club Kate) to tease out her ideas, get to know her and her  ethos, and understand how she envisioned her customers’ experiencing her space.

Growing up in Texas, and later living in LA, Kate was drawn to visuals that were retro, fun, relaxed, and that evoked casual leisure vibes of 70s and 80s California; sunsets, skateboaring, roller skating, surfing. 

Combining these vibes with the inherantly fun nature of her products, meants this was a really awesome, colourful project to work on.