Ch ch ch ch changes…

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Hello, it’s Kate here to tell you things are different now

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the last few years have been quite the rollercoaster. But, a really, really boring one with mainly downs. We’ve been lucky enough to navigate our business through Event Armageddon, but that’s meant we’ve had to change a lot of things. 

But why?

Reasons. These changes are due to reasons. And those reasons are that our team shrunk massively, with our key people moving onto other opportunities to escape the yuckness of small business event life through a pandemic. Goodbye my darlings, I miss you!

So, it’s really mainly just me (Kate, co-founder and creative director) in the day-to-day, with a much smaller team of casual event assistants and stylists.

And guess what happened to Kate over the past couple of years? She (me) had her second baby, Bon, born via emergency c-section. Then she broke her leg in three places when Bon was 7 months old and needed another surgery. Then a third fairly major surgery to fix her abdominals thanks to baby-having, meaning she could not lift anything for months. Physically, it’s been impossible to be the same Kate who used to do loads of jobs on her own. Hence, scaling things down is partly to recover fully and partly to have a business that works for the me of today, not the me of several years ago, who was chugging along, able-bodied and yet to be emotionally ravaged by a pandemic. 

What exactly is changing?

We’re now focussing our business on what we do best; design and styling for weddings, events and interiors. We want to work with you from idea through to execution.

Packages for these have been simplified too. They are not cheap, but neither are we. It means we’re working with far fewer clients, meaning you get an even better experience and outcome. Pre-covid, we were doing around 180 events a year, and frankly, the idea horrifies me now. So, scaling back means we’re aiming for a max of 35 events each year.

But what about hire?

This means the hire part of our biz has been scaled way, wayyyyy back. We’re doing only a small amount of hire-only jobs, mainly offering our glorious range of vintage furniture, props and neons to our event and wedding design and styling clients. For a lot of this year, we were straight up saying no to hire-only jobs, so if this happened to you, I’m sorry. It was what we had to do at the time to get through the rough patch of having very few staff AND a biz owner who couldn’t work, let alone lift. 

For the small number of hire-only jobs we will still take, our new minimum hire is $2000 (though it may occassionally be higher at peak times, and delivery and collection costs are additional), and we’ve reduced our travel radius.

No graphic design anymore, and a pause on headshot days with Gold and Grit having moved back to Sweden for the next couple of years.

Anything fun and new?

Why yes, there is! Given we’ve changed things so that essentially, we aren’t available to as many people, there’s a couple of new services that we hope will fill the gap. We’ve added Pick My Brain sessions, where you get a 1.5 hour video call with Kate to work through your wedding or event styling, or an interior styling project.

It’s a super useful tool for anyone needing some help to get your ideas off the ground, to work through how best to deal with a particular styling problem, or to get expert assistance to tie all your fab ideas together.

AND! You can now get a piece of Good Day goodness even if you aren’t in Melbourne, because we’re now offering event and wedding design-only packages, for those getting married elsewhere.


It’s already happened. Soz for the late notice. If you would like to work with us, do get in touch and we’ll let you know if we can help you out. Thanks for reading, you are a nice person. 


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