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Melbourne’s most distinctive + unique event designers and stylists, delivering glorious experiences for you and your guests.

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Wow your guests

Our unique approach to event design and styling translates into a massive wow factor with your your guests. We create events outside the box that are memorable, enjoyable and super Instagram-able.

Stand out from the crowd

If you want something that stands out, we are the event designers you need. Whether you’re hosting a business launch, an organisation’s birthday party, a brand activation, or an creating an exhibition stand, you want to stand out from the crowd – lucky for you we are creative thinkers who love nothing more than coming up with unique ideas that set you apart from your competitors.

Attract attention

It’s the Instagram age, so creating event styling that is deeply memorable and photogenic is a must. We design with this in mind, always devising ways to maximise your investment and return in your event.

Case studies

Our huge range of curated vintage, retro, unique and antique furniture coupled with our innovative, creative design thinking and event styling means that we’re able to produce endless unique designs that help you to stand out from the crowd. Everything from internal corporate strategy launches, business birthday party styling, brand activations, themed Christmas parties, design and makers market stalls, wedding expo stalls, film and TV shoots. It’s a cliche, but the list really does go on.

Our design process

1. We meet up!

Come in to our office in Sunshine West or we come to you. We talk about your event in depth and work out if it’s a good fit for you and for us. You also get to meet our lovely furniture!

2. Let's eyeball your venue!

Site visit! We measure and photograph the site for future design purposes. And we’ll talk about the ideas you’ve had so far for how you want your event to look and feel.

3. We create your concept!

We create a full concept slash moodboard just for you! This sets out colours, themes, vibes; the overall look + feel. It’s a handy tool for making all your decisions as you go. Jut refer back to the concept – does it fit with it? No, then bin it!

4. Lock in your design!

After you’ve OK’d the concept, we produce a full design which includes floorplans, lighting plans, floristry, stationery and signage, design elements, a customisable budget spreadsheet, quotes, renders and visuals that together make up the whole design of your event.

You’ll view all this on your personal design webpage!

5. We make it happen!

Once the design is locked and loaded, we make, collect, assemble, beg, borrow and steal the things needed to create your event and we make it happen on the day, so it’s as stress free + awesome as it possibly can be.

Why get an event designer and stylist?

Do I need a stylist for my event?

It’s a common question. The answer is no. You don’t NEED one.

Event designers and stylists know how to seemingly effortlessly create concepts and designs that will blow your mind wide apart. They’ll create an event for you that’s cohesive, beautiful, awesome, personalised and truly amazing. And they’ll make it happen on the day. So rather than running around your venue shrieking WHERE ARE THE GODDAMN SCISSORS? NO YOU CALM DOWN. It will be all taken care of to a quality and glorious-ness that you and your guests will adore.

Do I want a stylist?

So it’s more a question of “do I WANT an event designer and stylist?”. If you want the process, flow and look and feel of your event managed by a team of passionate professionals, then a stylist is a great idea and a wonderful investment in executing your event to meet your objectives.

Event organisation, design and styling can take up a LOT of time. We know as it’s our job. It can take a lot of time and energy away from your core role, business and what you’re good at.

Practical matters aside, a great event designer and stylist will help you to make the very most out of your event – with an aesthetic and creativity that will blow your guests’ minds and really set the scene for what you are trying to achieve with your event.


Don’t just take our word for it

From design and styling clients, The Digital Picnic, The Dream factory Rooftop, Footscray (below), via Instagram:

“After Good Day Club¬†styled our 3rd birthday party, we silently [but passionately] vowed to never be in charge of styling our events ever again, because a) we suck at it, and also b) just look at this pretty.

This was up there as one of the nicest moments we’ve had in small-business-land, … i.e walking into a function to celebrate you and your business, … where you’ve played no role in putting it together to look as pretty as this.”

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