Custom Graphic Design

When you want the raddest, most personal designs the world has ever seen

Hello wonderful human!

Graphic design and signage is one of our favourite ways to tie your event’s look and feel together. You can bring your (or your event’s) personality into your signs and stationery in a way that’s immediate, striking, and FUN! Gone is the formality of orders of service, replaced by creative, unique, personalised design and signage to set the scene

The right graphic design and event signage is the glue (PVA, Clag, wood glue or hot glue; your glue, your choice) that binds the whole rad look and feel of your event together. We love love LOVE creating a full suite of customised designs for your wedding or event, based on your event concept.

Unlike any other design

We’re very proud to bring our unique mix of old, new and rad to everything we do, including to YOUR graphics. Through the use of fonts, colours, imagery, illustrations and patterns, we create suites of stationery that’s just right for your event. It’ll really tie your look and feel together, leaving your event looking polished, professional, Instagramable and memorable.

Set the scene

Your guests turn up and see an awesome design with some funny copy and they immediately laugh, relax and know they’re going to have a great time. They turn up and see a welcome sign that’s beautiful and romantic, and they know they should have brought a hanky #sniffsniff. They turn up and are like WTF where is this bloody venue, omg Melbourne, get some signs on your venues, and then they see your rad welcome sign and they relax and don’t feel like a dork who isn’t cool enough to locate said hidden venue.

Personalised AF

Quirky song lyrics you love slash cute things you say to each other, illustrations that tell YOUR story, funny/sassy/romantic copy;  they all work to create something that’s super personal. Where your guests can’t stop saying, “MY GOSH, that is just so GERTRUDE + NIGEL!”

Every client gets their very own customised concept. No two concepts are the same!
The concept is a great tool to make sure we’re on the same page with everything before we go ahead with the designs.

Our graphic design packages

Compare the packages

We’ve created a page JUST so you can see lots more info about each custom graphic design packages and compare them easily. Voila, you’ll know which one you want and need real quick and we can get this show on the road!

Rad designs

 We’ve done so many different designs it’s just not funny. It’s really not. Graphic design is a serious business. Here’s a couple of examples…

Want to see more of our designs?

Check out more samples here.

Start to finish graphic design process

It’s a case study, as in IRL!

Sounds so serious and formal, doesn’t it? We thought it’d be useful for you to see how we work so you can see our custom graphic design for wedding process from start to finish? Check out our case study of Vanessa + Samuel’s wedding. Their minimalist hand-drawn graphics are a complete delight (as are they!)

Romantic minimalist wedding with glitter dress

How it works

Once you’ve chosen your package and given us a couple more deets, you’re on your way to hosting the coolest event in town. Here’s what happens from then:

Materials we use

Card stock

Colour or Black + White prints on
170-400gsm card stock

Typically we use 300gsm. Examples 👇

Foam core

Colour or black + white prints on
170gsm card stock mounted on foam core board

We use this for larger signs that need extra support. 

Examples 👇


Letterpressed foil print on 200gsm card stock. 

This example includes foam core printing with letterpress foil 👇

Our packages are printed on card stock and foam core. To see details of which materials are used for each package item, you can have a look at our package comparison page.