Custom Graphic Design

When you want the raddest, most personal designs the world has ever seen

The right graphic design and event signage is the PVA glue ( or the Clag, wood glue or hot glue gun; your glue, your choice) that binds the whole rad look and feel of your event together. We love love LOVE creating a full suite of customised designs for your wedding or event, based on your event concept.

It’s just so YOU (or your event)!

Quirky song lyrics you love, dumb slash cute things you say to each other, illustrations that tell YOUR story, funny / sassy / romantic copy;  they all work to create something that’s super personal. Where your guests can’t stop saying, “MY GOSH, that is just so GERTRUDE + NIGEL!”

Slick finishing touch

We bet you’ve spent countless hours working out all the rad details of your wedding or event. And by countless we mean FUCKING AGES. 

Custom graphic design that ties together your concept, design elements and details, brings another level of radness and polished finish. We honestly cannot bang on about this enough. So we apologise. Sort of. Because it’s good advice ok?

Sets the scene

Your guests turn up and see an awesome design with some funny copy and they immediately laugh, relax and know they’re going to have a great time. They turn up and see a welcome sign that’s beautiful and romantic, and they know they should have brought a hanky #sniffsnff. They turn up and are like WTF where is this bloody venue, omg Melbourne, get some signs on your venues, and then they see your rad welcome sign and they relax and don’t feel like a dork who isn’t cool enough to locate said hidden venue. 

In all these case, that humble sign has set the scene. Signs not only do that but they help to let guests know what the hell is happening – via a range of tools. People love to be told what to do and one of the best ways for people to relax and enjoy, is for them to feel like they know what’s going on. Thus signage is your BIG OL’ FRIEND!

How it works

1. Send your enquiry

STAT! Fill out our spiffy form, tell us what you want, and you’re on your way to the hosting the coolest event in town.

3. Quote

Give us x1 business day, and we’ll shoot over a quote. Review it and yell YESSSSSS and we’ll get started. Or email us back. That might work better.

3. It's on

Lock it in! Once you’re happy with the quote, pay your 40% deposit, and we’ll get started on your personalised designs.

Once you’ve booked…

This is where the real fun starts. We’ll send you a questionnaire to get heaps more fun details for you about what you want. Then we’ll create a concept for you which outlines colours, fonts, pattern options and illustrations (if you want these). You review it and say yes yes YES! And we then go on to create all of the pieces of your suite – which may include Welcomes signs, seating chart, place cards, menus, bar menus, dessert cards, table numbers and any other signage you might want or need.

Concept and options

We’ll give you a mood board, pattern / illustration options and fonts that will help you to zoom in on the elements of your graphic design. 

We get to work

Once we’ve confirmed your prefences, we’ll go about whipping up drafts of each sign for your review. We offer two rounds of changes as part of your custom design package.

Off to the printers

Once we’ve finished, it’s off to the printer! And then off to you event to jazz it up at least 435%.

Let’s talk!

Hey there! Give us details about your event and we’ll get back to you quick smart!

If you’ve been waiting a couple of business days to hear back from us, check your junk – sometimes our emails end up there 🙁

Custom graphic design enquiry

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Tell us about you, your event, and what sorts of signage you think you might need.